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Computer says no

On my usual walk to work I encounter a considerable number of those free-newspaper-giver-outers[1] And all of them annoy me. […]


Channel-surfing does terrible things. Terrible. There you are, innocently flicking past the mindless and the horrendous that passes for entertainment, […]

She was dancing so hard She danced herself into a diamond

I already mentioned that recently I’ve been listening to Bill Callahan, well, lately I’ve been focusing my attentions on Diamond […]

Come down here and chum some of this shit

Dudes! Seriously, this is like the best thing eveh! Seriously. Totally even. Okay, so the shaaak/head thing isn’t the best […]

Johnny’s back

Well, maybe not Johnny, but I am. And how is everybody doing? Two weeks of not being online all that […]

Just a quick note

To say that there will be reduced blogging for the next two weeks or so. Possibly even none. Who knows, […]

TT #29

Everyone loves stats. And everyone who has a blog loves learning who came a-visiting and why. So, with thanks to […]

Simon the Coldheart

ISBN: 0330258303 See also: Dusty Pages | According to the introduction to this by Heyer’s son this novel was one […]

And it’s all gonna roll your way

Don’t you just love Bank Holiday weekends? Or whatever your particular version of them are. I know I do. And […]

If you’re not in

Well I might not have won the 16 million Euro lotto, but it isn’t all loss Carl has announced the […]

TT #28

Thirteen Things about Lugh The end of July or start of August marks Lughnasa which is the Celtic harvest festival. […]

Time and Again

See also: LibraryThing | SFF Masterworks | Andy’s Anachronisms | Books you never read | Thoughts on writing and other […]