Rome 2.3 These Being the Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero dir. by

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  1. Harlequin

    Another fine recap – and a personal record with regard to footnotes. Truly, you are Terry Pratchett's bastard child. I enjoyed this ep more than last week's, despite the huge amount of raping going on. ;-) Chicken was great. I also am developing a huge soft spot for Agrippa – I've been waiting to see him for ages and he first got mentioned last week. LEGEND!

    There'll be a new actor playing Octavian next week – it will be weird getting used to that. I like Max Pirkis. :-(

    Love Pullo a LOT lately – his relationship with Eirene is going well enough, despite her still ending up slaving. And she's bound to get knocked up soon enough, so we'll have little baby Chickens wandering around the place.

    Question: did you rename Evander 'Lysander' because he's the man who made husbands jealous or was it just a slip? If the former, bravissimo! If the latter, claim it's the former.

    See you in a few!

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