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  3. I hope you'll get government easier than we here.

    We had elections 21st January and government as of Tuesday, last week!!! They just couldn't make any agreement 4 months and Tuesday was the last day according to constitution. After that new elections would be the only option.

    Now when I'm looking this government I think new elections would be just perfect :(

  4. I'm just curious. Are all the parties really the same or has a need to appear to be the same in order to be elected resulted in them presenting themselves as being the same? While mainstream parties are tending to move towards the centre I'm often surprised how far apart they really are when you start writing down their policies.

    Its like the accusation leveled at Labour over here in the UK of bringing spin into government since 1997. The Tories were using spin right through the Thatcher years but Labour have ended up tagged as the ones to bring it in. They had to start using it because otherwise they would probably never have been elected again.

  5. Amy

    In Canada ours are open late till about 8p.m., and it was cool when I was having my second election day was around my due date and I didn't want to have to travel and stand in line to vote so they let me vote by mail given my circumstances.

    I also got to vote early. The day my son was born was election night, the next morning we had a new prime minister. So her was born in between two.

    Happy TT and thanks for dropping by mine.

  6. SciFiChick, it would have been nice if they'd told us earlier. Was very hard to find out what time the polls closed at. usually it says it on your polling card, but there seemed to have been a fair amount of hassle with them. And of course, mine was in Sligo :)

    Milan, it'll be a coalition. Fianna Fáil and somebody else, who the else is has yet to be decided.

    Mark, the two main parties in Ireland have their roots in the old Sinn Féin, one was pro-Treaty, the other anti. Until they lost the civil war and became not in favour but not totally anti. Most of their policies are the same, although I would see Fine Gael as being slightly less corrupt, and not quite so cozy with big business than Fianna Fáil. The others do have different policies, but most voters are looking for centre parties, or so it seems.

    Hi Amy, I've no idea if pregnant women got to vote by post here, sounds like a good idea though.

    Dew, it is. Although in reality the choice is between FF or FG, with a different selection of coalition parties.
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