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Thursday Thirteen
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Thirteen Things about today

  1. Today being election day you see.
  2. Polling station close at 10.30 this evening, so you’ve no excuses for not voting.
  3. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, check out and find a person you like.
  4. Because I haven’t changed my address I’ll have to travel up to Sligo to vote. This means I’m taking tomorrow off work, cause I wouldn’t get back in time. So yay! long weekend.
  5. I think I’ll be voting for Fine Gael, Labour, or Green. I’ve yet to fully decide.
  6. De mudder says that Fine Gael want us to vote for Imelda Henry as our first preference. Tactical voting and all that. We’ll see.
  7. De mudder also says that the brothers are undecided, and have asked de sister to decide who they should vote for. Her being 10 and all, this shows their political interest. Unfortunately de mudder also says that she, de sister, is a Bertie fan. Hopefully this doesn’t mean she’ll tell them to vote FF.
  8. In case you don’t know, we use PR:STV or, Proportional Representation through Single Transferable Vote. Doesn’t that sound exciting?
  9. Basically, instead of an X we put in numbers, we rank the wannabe TDs in order of preference. Then there is a quota and elimination counts, and then the transfer of a vote from the 1st ranked to the 2nd ranked.
  10. That probably isn’t a very clear explanation, but you can read about in on wikipedia if you want.
  11. This means that we have a lot of coalition govts. At the moment FF and the PDs[1] are in power.
  12. And the polls suggest that things are very tight. I’m hoping that the FG/Lab/Green coalition wins. The latest poll put Bertie and friends slightly ahead. I think.
  13. Course in reality, all the parties are essentially the same. For years now they’ve been moving to the centre. Okay, Labour might be slightly on the left, but only slightly. The only difference is the scale in corruption. The only party I could never, ever, see myself voting for is Sinn Féin, I have voted FF in the past, even though I don’t like them, but SF? Nah. Don’t trust them. Even ignoring the whole IRA thing I don’t trust them.
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