TT #17


  1. Ok, so this is my favorite TT-list this week! LOL

    (And my favorite banner, of course. I promise I'll make some more of the boy soon. He is just so adorable, especially in that hat.)

    It would be really hard to decide on one favorite episode of Firefly, wouldn't it? They are just all so very very beautiful.

    I especially like the fact that most of the quotes you used were Jayne's famous one-liners. :o)

  2. I've never seen Firefly but I'd heard so much about it that made me think I would love it, I was excited when our library acquired the first season on DVD. I was in queue for months and my turn was coming up next–the week they locked the doors. Now I'm even more bummed that I missed out 'cause now I know for sure this is exactly my kinda sci-fi story. The kind that gets metaphysical and phiosophical.

    My TT this week is a joke. my attempt to lighten my mood–or at least not spread it to the TTers–which tanked after Tuesday's election tanked the library levy.

    wanted to say thanx for visiting me over the last couple weeks while my cranky computer kept me from returning visits. All my visitors from the last three TT are at the top of my to-visit list today.

  3. Weenie, you'll really have to take a look at some stage. Its the best.

    Don't worry Milan, we'll forgive you your lack of 'verse knowledge :)

    I can't believe I didn't think of it earlier samulli. It fits so perfectly.

    Mark I watched it first on dvd too. But didn't have the chance to see it on the telly as it never made it over here. Although scifi have started showing it recently.

    Keep flying H.

    Every good whore house needs those boy whores Miss Frou Frou, don't you think?

    Hey Mama Duck, still, at least we know there are plenty of fans still around.

    Hi Joy, that must be so disappointing.

    Exactly SciFiChick. Perfect fit dontcha think?
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  5. Planck, I happen to disagree with your political opinions, but far be it from me to censor you ;)

    Stephanie, that is a great gift, one I'm sure you will enjoy.
    Twitter: ecnef

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