blah de blah

I have nothing to say, but on account of not blogging yesterday I sorta feel like I should just stick something down here today.

I miss Anne, but no doubt she if off settling into NY and far too busy to blog. Kelly is back and blogging though. So yay! for that.

But like I said, I have nothing to say.

I did however buy a new phone. I know, I know, it hasn’t been that long since my last phone purchase. Nowhere near my usual yearly purchase, but I figured, what the hell, and I didn’t really like my motorola. I was going to go for the cool looking Sony Ericsson Z310i, but although it looked nice it didn’t have many features. So instead I went for the Nokia 6234, which is teeny tiny and packed full of features. Of course now I gotta do the “transfer everything I had on my old phone over to my new phone” thing. Which’ll be fun, boys and girls, won’t it? Especially considering that Motorola’s sync software would play nice with Vera and so i don’t have anything at all saved apart from on the phone. See how I make trouble for myself.

And I totally forgot to mention that the All-Ireland kicked off last weekend. And you be delighted to hear that Sligo won their opening round. Then again, we were playing New York, so anything other than a victory woulda been a disaster.

And B#5 got his place in the Limerick sports/rugby academy thingy that he was looking for, so now he can do his leaving without worrying about points. At least I think he can, I presume he’ll have to pass in certain subjects, but to be honest I haven’t a clue.

And while I’m saying nothing, does anyone know what time the polling stations close at in the election? Need to figure out what time I have to leave Dublin at.

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