TT #14

26 April 2007

Almost forgot about this, for some reason I thought yesterday was Tuesday?! Anyways, this week’s list of thirteen is … totally random

  1. I’ve discovered why Battlestar Galactica is bugging me. It is all about its potential, because it has so much, it could be a really great show. But it isn’t. Yes it is a fairly decent one that I’ll watch every week, but it isn’t great. And I’d have to blame the writers. Almost every week they build up some big story, one that’ll have long lasting consequences. One that you can’t quite see how they’ll resolve it. And then? Then they’ll flinch. And solve the problem with a 5 second scene that leaves everyone happy again. Or at least as happy as they can be.
  2. BSG is also now associated with TB. On account of the BCG vaccination.
  3. This obviously is because of the whole TB thing at work, but you know the BSC scars that virtually every Irish person has? Are they missing on Americans? Because I’ve read online[1] that the BCG isn’t used in the US, and other countries. And is it weird that I think that arms without the BCG dents are strange looking.
  4. I’ve just gone a splashed out on a Cuecat scanner thingy. Okay, splashed out maybe exaggerating when in fact it only cost €15, but still. Now I can scan away to my heart’s content.[2]
  5. I think I’m going to call my new laptop Vera.
  6. Obviously[3] it isn’t a gun. But, see, it is very shiny, so I was thinking Kaylee. But then Kaylee just isn’t right. So Vera. I like Vera.
  7. I really like the opening sentence to Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian:

    See the child. He is pale and thin, he wears a thin and ragged linen shirt. He stokes the scullery fire. Outside lie dark turned fields with rags of snow and darker woods beyond that harbor yet a few last wolves.

  8. I really must start using my camera more often. Haven’t taken any photos in ages[4] Maybe I’ll head off on the bus, or the dart over the weekend and take photos of wherever I end up.
  9. This airborne cat set is one of my favourite flickr sets.
  10. Our cat isn’t quite so energetic
    DSCF0510 although he is more active when hunting bees.
  11. B #1’s dog was stung by a bee a while ago. They thought it was having some sort of allergic reaction because it lay down and wouldn’t move. But don’t worry, this is a happy tale[5] she recovered and is now back to her old mad self.
  12. I think that de mutt gets jealous of de gasur. He was outside exploring our back garden last weekend and muttly was careful to always be there, just in case you might ignore him. And after de gasur picked up a tennis ball, well, that didn’t impressed dogfrey at all. He kept nosing it, letting de gasur know that de mutt wanted it, but when no response was forth coming he took matters into his own mouth and nicked it. Luckily we distracted the gasur with the slide and then the trampoline.
  13. Work has been surprisingly quiet today. Up til today it has been mad busy, what with exams starting next week, but for some reason all the students seem to be taking today off. Course I’ve probably just jinxed this and they’ll all be in in the next hour or so. With their constant demands for past papers and photocopy cards and paper and books for courses they can’t name with titles they don’t know.
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  1. all hail de internet, source of all knowledge
  2. the book is now open on whether or not I will ever actually use the scanner apart from the initial oohhh-look-how-cool-this-is use
  3. you totally got the reference here right?
  4. when I was in Galway
  5. well, not really happy I suppose. But not a sad one. Definitely not a tragic one

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12 Responses

  1. she says:

    Even in randomness there are elements of commonality.

    – Our cat Bubba was christened as a kitten due to her ability to chase, capture and eat bees and hornets. Nothing other than Beelzebub would suffice for her name after that.

    – I struggle over naming my computers. Mostly because they tend to be named after daemons and they can't conflict too much with the pet's names ;)

    – I know what the BSC scar is (my parents have them) but don't have one personally. They had them before immigrating to Canada, but I've never really bothered to ask mom if they were received as children or later in life.

  2. Fence says:

    We get the injections as babies/toddlers. But you can get them in later life too.

  3. Harlequin says:

    I got the top-up injection when I was older – when was it? Ten? Anyway, in national school. And it got infected and gross and left me with what I thought was a massive scar. I remember staring enviously at Sophie (yer wan wot got preggers) in home and away and WANTING her lovely scar-free arms. :-( But obviously it got better as I got older and then one day I realised that it looked grand. It's probably a bit bigger than the usual ones because of getting all gross but it's certainly not huge. It was my first lesson in how I perceived myself and my flaws to be so much greater than they were in reality.


    Agree re BSG – it was going great places but it just didn't go there. I reckon what they need is an overseer Joss-style – someone to say NO, this is the direction we're going in so stick with it! I think this season might have suffered a lot from desperately seeking ratings and renewal. I hope that next season they plan for it to end so that there's more of an arc and less of the messy focus-group crap.


    Zams have nae been bad – I overprepped for the first one to the detriment of the second. The second one should have been easier than the first but because of being so scared about the first one, I kinda ignored the second one! I'll say this for MCTs though – they might demand that you know stuff in ridiculous detail but at least you don't start your final question with the sinking realisation that a quarter of your marks are going to come from an essay you write on a section of the course that you didn't get around to studying!

  4. Dewey says:

    That airborne cat set is fabulous! But your cat looks cuddly, and cuddly is best.

  5. Jane says:

    Thanks so much for dropping by my T13. I love visitors!

    Your 'random thoughts' were most interesting. Loved the pic of your cat. We have a big cat named Boxer. He tolerates the dog!

    I have visited Ireland and found it to be a beautiful country with wonderfully friendly people. We felt very much at home.

  6. Fence says:

    Ah yes, Aussis don't seem to have it do they. You're probably right about whole needing ratings thing. Doesn't mean I gotta like it though.

    There are some really great photos in there Dewey. He is cuddly, but also a terrible mewer and bawler and whiner. And since he came back after getting the snip from the vet a little bit skittish.

    Hi Jane, our cat likes to play with the dog. Which is usually fine, but can sometimes result in a small blur of fur racing across the floor followed by a huge hunk of black dog. Especially fun when it happens on the wood floor and they both go skidding into the wall :)

  7. Carl V. says:

    Random? Yes, but a good random! I saw that Chris got a cuecat. Its cute, and a great idea. Vera is a good laptop name, I likes it. Though Kaylee would be tempting.

  8. BSG has a similar problem to some Dr Who episodes – except the problem there is pulling a solution out of the hat with no foreshadowing of the solution at all.

  9. Alan says:

    Regarding the BSC scars, I don't know about Americans having them, but I noticed the other week while watching The Passion of the Christ that apparently Jesus had one.

  10. Fence says:

    Hi Gabrielle, thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed at least some of those pretzels.

    Carl, I think I'm fairly settled on Vera, and the cuecat looks cool.

    Mark I'm not a Dr. Who fan, though I've seen one or two of the most recent series.

    Alan, obviously that proved that the Irish are the most holy of all peoples as we've totally been made in his image.

  11. I had completely forgotten about my BSG scar! Your post prompted me to go have a check in the mirror and, sure enough, it is still there… I had not thought about it for the past 30 years but believe it or not I still remember how I cried hysterically for at least 30 minutes the day I got the shot.


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