The blame game


  1. Harlequin

    I completely agree with your analysis Fencicles. Playing the blame game started so quickly after the tragedy. And I just couldn't see where exactly the fault lay – it seemed to me that an alarm was raised and several attempts were made to deal with it, from a few different angles.

    There are so many horrible sad things about this tragedy but the one that I keep coming back to is the image of that family sitting in an undertakers officer, ordering their own coffins and specifying white coffins with a pink stripe for their little girls. And then the dawning horror of the poor undertaker hearing them say that they wanted the girls buried in football shirts… and Dora the Explorer jeans. That poor woman – she tried to avert the tragedy but it happened anyway.

  2. …if you didn’t know the horrible results, isn’t it possible that maybe the parents were overly morbid and worried about the family dying in a road accident?

    There are families who think about those things…after my grandmother died my mom started thinking ahead about plots for the whole family. It must have sounded creepy to the people who heard her!

  3. Having moved abroad I'm a little behind the news at home and only came across this story through this blog and other blogs. Its interesting to see the difference between the standard news sources, RTE etc. and peoples opinions via blogs. I think I'll stick to reading blogs from now on. A much more rounded view of everything.

  4. H, the undertaker did her best, but I'm sure she, and others, are still wondering what they could have done differently.

    Yeah Sally, it isn't really so strange to plan ahead is it? Wills aren't seen as overly morbid, so is there really a difference in deciding where you want to be buried. Although in this case the plans were so advanced that it did arouse suspicion.

    Swiss Job, I think that often the media do like to paint things in black and white. And there are plenty of blogs that do the same. The editorial in the Irish Times was quite balanced I thought.
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  5. Harlequin

    Exactly – I could just imagine her blaming herself over the whole thing when really, what more could she have done? At least cops and social services and the like are trained to deal with this sort of thing to a certain extent. But it's pretty unusual for an undertaker to have an opportunity to save a life.

    My parents won't make a will – think dad thinks it's really morbid or something. I don't give a frakk about it on a money POV – intestacy rules sort things out reasonably enough – but I reckon it's better to lay out things like my bro getting the family silver (yes, we have heirloom silver) and who gets my momma's different pieces of jewellery and stuff – just to avoid the rowing that I've seen happen over things with sentimental value.

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