Fire up the Quattro

11 April 2007

Leaving the apt yesterday evening I noticed a fire engine down the road. And getting a bit closer I spotted the fact that the firemen[1] had the hose out and were aiming it at a tree in the park.

Hmmm, I says to myself, don’t tell me someone has started a fire.

Well no, they were bravely and valiantly attempting to rescue two footballs that were at the very very top of the tree, stuck in the branches. Did I ever wish that I had my camera with me.

Unfortunately, I believe they were unsuccessful as upon my return they were gone, but the two footballs were still in the tree. Then again, they could have rescued them only for the silly childers to kick them back up again. Who knows.

Life on Mars finished up last night. The last ever episode[2] and I’d have to say that I’m all bit meh over it. I really loved the first season, but the second wasn’t quite so great. Although Gene Hunt remained magnificent throughout. But I really didn’t like the ending.

Show Spoiler ▼

However, I do like the news that Hunt is getting his own show, Ashes to Ashes. Tyler won’t be in it, but there will be a time-travel aspect, in the form of Alex Drake Show Spoiler ▼

“It’s a touch of Moonlighting teamed with a measure of Miami Vice”


  1. fire people? firefighters? who cares, they were both fellas
  2. unless you count the proposed US version, which I won’t

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