And I’m off

Heading back up to Sligo again this evening. The reason being, I’ve gotta collect my new laptop. A Dell Inspiron 6400.

But before I go, some good news. I don’t have “the consumption”
I know, I know, you’re all thinking well yes. That is good news, but not particularly newsworthy, only it is. On accounts in individuals in the college having it and us all being tested. My Mantoux test was negative, but so far either 9 or 11[1] people will require a follow up test. Course most of this is probably[2] due to a false positive because of their BCG vaccinations, but you never know. But who cares about them! I’m the only person that matters ;) Course we will all have to be tested again, as the second confirmed test is so recent that we might be infected but it might not show up. So in another three months I’ll be stuck with another needle. Oh joy of joys.


  1. depending on the rumour you are listening to
  2. hopefully

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