Was flicking around and came across an episode of featuring Mr. Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. He was in Sumatra, having a great time with the elephants and occasionally harassing a snake. You can’t watch any of his shows without realising how passionate he was about animals, and what a good time he had, even when […]

Boy Eats Girl

You know the old story; Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Something gets in the way of true love, but they over come it to live happily ever after? Well, I suppose this fills all those clichés only as well as the teen angst we get zombies and gore. Nathan is good […]

Daemon alert

Edited to add: The Daemon quiz thing is no longer being hosted, so I guess this title no longer makes any sense Also, the idea of a blog by Eamonn Dunphy is a little scary. Meanwhile them across the water are discussing whether or not some dude should go to war. I know, I know, […]

TT #14

Almost forgot about this, for some reason I thought yesterday was Tuesday?! Anyways, this week’s list of thirteen is … totally random I’ve discovered why Battlestar Galactica is bugging me. It is all about its potential, because it has so much, it could be a really great show. But it isn’t. Yes it is a […]

The blame game

How private should private be, and who can ever possibly take it upon themselves to turn the private public? We are living in a precarious time, a time when both spheres are bleeding into each other and the line of demarcation is wavering. There is great potential here. Either we will become a society who ostracizes even more violently those who are different from us, suspect of every quiet student who doesn’t dress like the rest, suspicious of any husband or wife who doesn’t drag his or her child to every Saturday soccer game, or maybe, just maybe, we’ll become a society responsible to something greater than ourselves

The Blue Girl

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It starts with this faint sound that pulls me out of sleep: a sort of calliope music played on an ensemble of toy instruments. You know, as though there’s a raggedy orchestra playing quietly in some hidden corner of my bedroom, like the echo of a Tom Waits song heard through the walls from the apartment next door.

The blue girl of the title is Imogene, one of the narrators of this book. She and her family have just moved to a new neighbourhood in Newford, and Imogene is determined not to cause trouble. Not everyone wants her to fit in though. At her new school she is picked on by the “popular crowd” although never to the extent that her best friend Maxine is. And of course talking with ghost is never a very normal thing to do. Still, unless trouble comes looking for her Imogene won’t go looking for it. But there’s the rub, trouble, in the form of the school’s resident fairy population, does come looking for her and it isn’t everyday teenage hassle either. No, the fairies bring with them the probability of death.

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Curse of the Golden Flower

or Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia

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Set in the Tang dynasty in the 10th Century, this film tells the tale of the Emperor Ping and his cold war with his wife, Empress Phoenix, as well as both of their attempts to influence the three princes. The eldest, Crown Prince Wan’s mother was the Emperor’s first wife, has been raised by Phoenix as well as her two sons. But the emperor is not happy with his wife. As her father is an important neighbouring king he cannot do away with her in the open and instead decides that as she is “sick” she needs to take her medicine. Medicine that he has formulated, and which includes a poison that will slowly cause damage and leave her nothing but a vegetable. Obviously she doesn’t want this to happen and so makes other plans.

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The Lives of Others

In 1984 in East Germany the secret police, or Stasi were everywhere, watching everything. This film details the activities of one officer, Wiesler, as he monitored a popular playwright. Wiesler doesn’t believe that Dreyman could possibly be as pro the party as he makes out. Too arrogant. So he suggests keeping him under surveillance, just in case. His superior officer doesn’t agree, at first, but then Minister Bruno Hempf mentions that perhaps he isn’t such a fan, and that perhaps Dreyman isn’t a favourite. It turns out that Hempf is more than interested in Dreyman’s girlfriend, the actress Christa-Maria Sieland, and so would like nothing better than to remove his rival by having him arrested and taken away.

And I’m off

Heading back up to Sligo again this evening. The reason being, I’ve gotta collect my new laptop. A Dell Inspiron 6400. But before I go, some good news. I don’t have “the consumption” I know, I know, you’re all thinking well yes. That is good news, but not particularly newsworthy, only it is. On accounts […]

The Extremes

ISBN: 0575075783
Christopher ; The Universal Library ;

Her name is Teresa Ann Gravatt and she is seven years old: She has a mirror through which she can see into another world.

There were two reasons I picked this up at the shop. First of all I recognised the name Christopher Priest from the film The Prestige and second of all I quite liked the cover. Why a slightly blurry photo of a man pointing a gun at me appealed I’m not sure, but it did. Reading the blurb I wasn’t too sure. Virtual reality and police procedures didn’t grab my interest, so I opened the first few pages and took a quick skim. That made up my mind.

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