1 March 2007

Thirteen Things about de mutt idea stolen from Ann


  1. De Mutt has the finest pedigree parents. One an award winning lab, the other a dalmation. He is a dabrador. He was one of a litter of 9 pups.
  2. At the grand old age of six, he is a lot calmer now than he used to be. Plus, all the indoor living has turned him soft.
  3. He still manages to terrify people when he barks and runs towards them hackles up. The second anyone pets him, however, he is liable to fall to the ground and roll to get his belly rubbed.
  4. He has jealousy issues regarding other animals. So whenever I have the cat he is quick to come over and sneakily rest his head on her. Thereby squashing her and encouraging her to move.
  5. He is fairly obedient. The brother came him a huge lump of chocolate cake last time I was home, idiot that the brother is, he didn’t realise that choc is not so good for mutts. So despite the fact that he had it half eaten I still told him to drop it. He did. Reluctantly.
  6. Food is his main priority. He’ll even lie and say that he hasn’t been fed when he knows he has. Anything to get more food.
  7. Because of this he has turned into a fat lump. But he looks fatter on account of him having the skinny back legs of a Dalmation but the rest of him looking like a chunky lab.
  8. Despite his jealousy issues, he doesn’t really mind the cat, apart from when she bits his lip. But this was more of a problem with a previous cat. Taz isn’t quite so vicious.
  9. Everyone always thinks their dog is intelligent, but mine really is, really. He listens out for people leaving the house, and only when he thinks he is alone will he try and gain entry to the kitchen. Carefully opening the door before making a beeline for the bin and any bits of food that may lurk within. He has also learned not to knock the bin over, and he rarely leaves evidence in the kitchen. He only rips the stuff to sheds once he has it in his lair under the stairs.
  10. He isn’t a fan of going in the car. He’ll get in, but very reluctantly, and will be more than happy to jump out. This might be because he was born in Leitrim, and had a long old car drive to come to our house. A car drive that he spent drooling over my sleeves, may I add. And after that he used to get car sick. But hasn’t in a long while.
  11. Like many dogs, he loves tennis balls, but not chase. Oh no, he prefers to destroy them. He’ll chase one for a while, but all he really wants to do is to rip it up. Sliothers are far preferred over tennis balls, but he rarely gets his teeth into them.
  12. He is also a fan of plastic bottles, especially empty bottles of coke. Mainly because they are really noisy and so people won’t ignore him when he throws them on the ground. But also because he has learned to take the tops off them and so manages to get a taste of the drink.
  13. Because of his destructive tendencies, he specialised in stealing clothes from the washing basket and putting many a hole in them -his was was especially not appreciated when he chewed up [tag]B#4[/tag]’s rugby pads as they cost a pretty penny- for a while he went by the name, destructo-dog, but he has mostly outgrown this. Apart from when you give him a wash. After that he’ll run around like a mad yoke destroying anything that might be used to dry him.
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7 Responses

  1. Jon Tillman says:

    Sounds a lot like my Doberman actually…damn I miss that dog…

  2. anne says:

    Re #3 and him terrifying people, I'm not surprised: there's a hint of the Hound of the Baskervilles here…

  3. Dragonheart says:

    He sounds like a very nice woofie, except for the destructive tendencies. Chocolate definitely isn't good for woofies or cats.

  4. David says:

    Dogs. Gottalove'em.


  5. Fence says:

    Hey Jon, thanks for dropping by.

    Only if the Hound of the Baskerville's spent most of his time snoring Anne.

    Hey Dragonheart, your url seems to be pointing to the wrong addy, keep getting a 404

    You do indeed David.

  6. Danica/Dream says:

    He sounds like quite the guy! (Sorry to be so late, went out of town!)

  7. Fence says:

    Hey Danica, better late than never :)

    And you are right, he is a bit of a character