It is Friday today. Aren’t you glad?

First of all, especially for the In Fact, Ah peoples we bring you Dinosaurs and their Biscuits. How cool is that?

And second of all, via Jayne’s World comes this vidjo and song, all about why new BSG is better than old BSG

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5 responses on Mornin’

  1. Just got back after an extended pub lunch – I love Fridays! :-)

    BSG is ace, will be watching season 2 this weekend (well, Disc 1).

    Have a nice weekend all!

  2. Harlequin, I'm still not convinced that BSG has any clue where it is going. I suppose I'd like the network to tell them, "you have two seasons left" and that way they could get themselves sorted out.

    Happy Friday weenie, enjoy season 2. I think it was the best so far.
    Twitter: ecnef

  3. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. I still really enjoy watching it and I'm going to trust them. I think it would help if they left some of the character alone for a while – it doesn't have to be constant conflict and emotional trauma ALL the frakking time! It was better in Season 2 when they had occasional blowouts but mostly they were taking care of business despite it. I doubt they'll get a fifth season but I'm happy they get a chance to wind things up a bit in season four.

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