1 February 2007

Thirteen Things about February

  1. Obviously enough, February, being the month of my birth is the best month of the 12. Even if there were 20 months, February would be the best. But I’m not the only reason that Feb is great.
  2. The second reason is that it is short. Which means that you get paid just a little sooner. Which is always nice.
  3. It is Imbolc[1] time, which as you’ll remember from my previous mentions[2] which means that it is Spring.
  4. And you’ll get to see leaping lambs! Which is always nice. Course they do grow up to be evil evil sheep, but I do believe I am getting over my hatred of sheep. Which may be because now that I live in the city I don’t have to put up with their evil deeds and doings.
  5. The 1st of Feb is also St. Bridget’s Day, Lá Fhéile Bríde, although you don’t really see so many Bridget’s crosses[3] about any more.
  6. Today is the CAO deadline[4] The CAO is the Central Applications Office[5] and every Irish person who wants to go on to college after secondary school has to apply to it. You fill out your form in order of preference and send if off. Back in my day[6] it was all done by post, now you can go online or send your form through the post.
  7. More importantly, February marks the beginning of the Six Nations competition. And I know all you rugby fans have been waiting to read my posts on this matter.
  8. Ireland play Wales this weekend. In Wales. We are currently favourites. This is a bad thing. We don’t like being favourites, and despite the fact that we do deserve the tag I’m not counting any chickens. Wales are a big worry.
  9. On the 11th of February France will be coming to play Ireland. In Croke Park[7] And I have a ticket.
  10. One Anglo-Saxon word for February is Solmoneth, which means mud-month.
  11. In February, in 1979[8] China invaded Vietnam[9]
  12. Of course there is also the obvious fact that February only has 28 days, or 29 in a leap year. But you all knew that already, I had, after all, mentioned up above that Feb was short.
  13. February is probably the most mispronounced of all months. We should all just use the Irish name and say Feabhra. That’s pronounced Feow-rah.

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  1. wikipedia
  2. you do remember don’t you
  3. make your own
  4. there is a little bit of trouble at the moment
  6. before the wonders of dInternet
  7. compulsory statement regarding historic day, yadda yadda
  8. that being a vital year as it was when I first made my appearance in the world
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10 Responses

  1. ally bean says:

    Mud month!! I love it. So true. Great list. Happy TT.

  2. well not that was very interesting. you taught me some things my friend. i cannot believe i did not know china invaded viet nam!!! how could i not have known that?

    and did you know augustus ceasar took a day from february for his birth month of august so his month would be longer?

    me? now i never much liked february, it being normally cold and dreary and i would get the blues, but since i am in florida now it is one of my favorites too!

    good day to you! bee

  3. this was very true! great list! happy TT!

  4. Fence says:

    Mud month does stand out all right ally bean :)

    Hi bee, glad feb is one of your favourites now, better late than never.

  5. The things you learn on Thursday Thirteen…

    My Cousin is Scottish Rugby player married to a Welsh woman..who will he cheer for???

  6. sally says:

    March is a far better month!!

  7. Claire says:

    My Grandad is Irish and his birthday is in February, so its a favourite month of mine.
    Thanks for the visit and my room has stayed tidy fo 5 days now!lol.

  8. Caryle says:

    Birthday month is always the best! :) September is mine, so I have a special fondness for it.

    Rugby doesn't get much television coverage here in the states, but whenever I come across it, I find I'm mesmerized. It looks like it's great fun to watch.

    Thanks for dropping by today!

  9. Michelle says:

    Yes, the Irish do simpify it I suppose. It probably sounds gorgeous that way too,

  10. Fence says:

    Crunchy carpets I'm guessing he'll be cheering for Scotland in the Calcutta Cup against England. I know I will (old habits die hard).

    Sally, you may think so, I couldn't possibly agree :)

    Hi Claire, mine hasn't :)

    Caryle September always means heading back to school for me, even though it has been a few years.

    Hi Michelle, simple is good, sometimes.