Somehow I’m not surprised

19 February 2007

We didn’t make the short list, but there are some great sites there[1] so I’ve decided to copy and paste the list of short-listed blogs, just so you can go visit.[2]

Best Blog

Best Blog Post– Sponsored by Hosting365

Most Humorous Post – Sponsored by Beecher Networks

Best Photo Blog – Sponsored by – The online photo editor

Best Arts and Culture Blog – Sponsored by Poetry Ireland

Best Political Blog – Sponsored by Technofutures

Best Group Blog – Sponsored by

Best Personal Blog – Sponsored by Interactions – Creative Strategies for Business

Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog – Sponsored by Edgecast Media

Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere – Sponsored by

Best Technology Blog/Blogger – Sponsored by Bitbuzz

Best Designed Blog – Sponsored by Equisoft

Best Sport & Recreation Blog – Sponsored by

Best News/Current Affairs Blog – Sponsored by the Sunday Tribune

Best Specialist Blog – Sponsored by iQ Content Ltd

Best Newcomer – Sponsored by Edelman

Best Business Blog – Sponsored by logic+intuition

Best Music Blog – Sponsored by

Best Podcaster – Sponsored by Microsoft

Best Podcast – Sponsored by

Best Videocast – Sponsored by Cork Internet eXchange


  1. obviously none of them are as great as this site, but you know what they say about recognition in your own country
  2. Dont say I aint helpful

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7 Responses

  1. anne says:

    It's a shame! A scandal! A conspiracy!
    You should just delete your whole blog, then they'll be sorry!
    Er, no, don't.

  2. Sinéad says:

    Ah, that's a shame. Hope you'll still come along on the night?

  3. Donagh says:

    I am. Thanks for the link by the way.

  4. Sinéad says:

    Think my comment got munched. :(

    It's a shame you're not shortlisted – will you still make it along?

  5. Fence says:

    Anne, I think it is better to be under appreciated, that way you get to moan and be bitter. Otherwise you have to be really really famous, and that is just too much like hard work :)

    Sinéad, it did, get munched by the spamthingy, but I rescued it :)

    No problem Donagh, linkage helps the blogosphere go round.

  6. I feckin voted for ya Fence….was sure you'd get in on personal blog at least….

  7. Fence says:

    Cheers, SOB. Obviously there is a conspiracy going on somewhere :)