Monthly Archives: February 2007

Suite Francaise

Author: Irene Nireovsky

Two novellas and some appendices make up this book. The two fiction pieces were intended to be part of a series [...]

Somehow I’m not surprised

We didn’t make the short list, but there are some great sites there[1] so I’ve decided to copy and paste the list of short-liste [...]

Just deserts

Do you ever watch people crossing the road and think to yourself, they deserve to be knocked down? Not killed, just bumped a little, a warni [...]


ISBN: 0340839694 The sun was approaching its zenith, dominating the sky and turning the deep ochre of the desert to a bleached bone-white. B [...]

TT #4

My titles for these posts have to be the most original in the world, no? Thirteen Things that I wantssesss[1] A house. Even an apartment wou [...]

Hot Fuzz

Basically, if you didn’t like Shaun of the Dead you probably won’t like this film. Okay, so there are no zombies here, but the s [...]

Fun and danger

Last night we had our first Wii related accident. The flatmate and her boyfriend bought a Wii a week ago or so. It has been over at his new [...]

Story rory?

Hopefully BOD and Stringer will be back in two weeks for our match against England. Which we really really really have to win. But, horror o [...]

Blood and Chocolate [based on the book]

From the people who brought us Underworld so I hope you are not expecting the best film in the world here? To be honest this film does exact [...]
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