Just deserts

16 February 2007

Do you ever watch people crossing the road and think to yourself, they deserve to be knocked down? Not killed, just bumped a little, a warning to wise up, you know.

Every morning as I walk to work I see the fools, looking to check how close the traffic is before dashing out into the middle of the road. Maybe they’ve all been playing games like Frogger, and believe that the real world is just like the virtual one. And all that’ll happen if they get hit is that they’ll have to start again.

Now, I’m not for one moment saying that you should only cross when the green man is up there[1] but if you feel a sudden breeze as a car rushed by behind you, well, you’ve misjudged your “personal safety zone” haven’t you.

I’m not even going to mention cyclists, cause, that’s a whole nother level of wanting to die.


  1. youd never get anywhere then

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5 Responses

  1. sally says:

    At least they look… My personal favorite are people pushing strollers who practically push their stroller onto the traffic!!

  2. anne says:

    You know, the evolutionary theory and Anne Robinson may have a point.

    Hey, isn't today your "special" day? (can it get any naffer than that?) Happy! if it is. And if it isn't, well… I'll just have to come back, won't I?!

  3. Ann says:

    That's something I don't miss about city living. I've always been terrified that Peter's going to hit someone because he has no patience for pedestrians who leap out in front of traffic and then amble to the other side like it was their birthright.

    How are those MBT shoes working for you?

  4. Donal says:

    People always just leg it out in front of me when I'm driving through town. But they look first, and know the law is on their side (getting knocked down supercedes jay-walking!), but someday some psycho is not going to stop for them. Plonkers.

    Btw, your site always gives me hassle on IE. I use Flock at home so no problem with that but when I'm in work (ahem), IE crashes whenever I try to go to your site. Just tested it at home there and it crashed here too.

  5. Fence says:

    Ah yes Sally, the mothers who believe that because they are still on the footpath their children in the middle of the road are somehow okay too.

    Anne, you got that day bang on, thanks :) But I was up home and so offline.

    Ann, the MBTs are okay, haven't worn them much to be honest though.

    Donal, Bugger! I know that Carl was having some trouble with a similar problem a while ago. But it seemed to have gone away. It is weird, cause I use IE at work (various versions depending on the 'puter) and haven't had any crashes, so I can't even mess about and try and fix the problem.