Last day of Feb

How did this happen? Feb is over already. I know it is a short month, but my god! this short? Time is flying, sign of age no doubt. Didn’t get my shopping done on Sat, I’d forgotten that it was to be a day of rugby see. Suppose I could’ve gone out on Sunday, but, […]

The power to stop a nation

Today’s Irish Times has some interesting facts on the rugby match[1] An average of over one million viewers tuned into RTÉ on Saturday to witness Ireland beat England 43-13 at Croke Park. These average numbers (1.052 million) are remarkable: they trump the peak figures for the Ireland v France game on February 4th, the soccer […]

Oscar fever

just didn’t hit this year. I was vaguely interested, but to be honest I haven’t even looked up most of the results yet. But never fear, for Carl has an entry on the Oscars and the dresses. Photo from He is our heartbeat. He just drives and drives us on


As mentioned I was thinking of amalgamating blogs, so if everyone can take a look here,, and let me know iffin it works/destroys your browser etc. I’ve tweaked the header a bit, and a couple of the colours. So you can see it is a mix of the other two, just like the site. […]


Thirteen Random Things I’m vaguely considering amalgamating this blog and Susan Hated Literature. And moving everything over there. Cause this blog is hosted with Digital Crocus, whereas the other is hosted with and blacknight seem a hell of a lot more stable. I think there has only been one outage over there, whereas there […]


Remember my last T13, where I listed stuff that I wanted. Well, there was a reason I didn’t mention a camera, as I had just gone and ordered one. A Fuji Finepix S5600 to be precise. And it arrived yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t get a chance to use it till today at lunch. And […]

Yes! We’re all individuals!

And so, of course, we are all entitled to our own points of view. But[1] sometimes don’t you think it’d be easier if we all thought the same way[2] Wouldn’t it make life so much easier? Think about it. No more contentious issues such as “who should we vote for” never mind “whose god is […]

Suite Francaise

Author: Irene Nireovsky

Two novellas and some appendices make up this book. The two fiction pieces were intended to be part of a series of books about France during World War II, but the author, Irene Nemirovsky died in a concentration camp in August 1942, and that is what makes up the non-fiction element of this book. Of course the real like story of Nemirovsky, and how this book came to be published makes up a large element of the media coverage surrounding the novel, but the fiction element alone deserves attention. The background, and fact that it was written as these events were taking place, adds to the work as a whole.

Somehow I’m not surprised

We didn’t make the short list, but there are some great sites there[1] so I’ve decided to copy and paste the list of short-listed blogs, just so you can go visit.[2] Best Blog Arse End of Ireland ArseBlog Blogorrah Nialler9 Twenty Major Best Blog Post– Sponsored by Hosting365 Annie Rhiannon – Three years too […]

Just deserts

Do you ever watch people crossing the road and think to yourself, they deserve to be knocked down? Not killed, just bumped a little, a warning to wise up, you know. Every morning as I walk to work I see the fools, looking to check how close the traffic is before dashing out into the […]