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The Pursuit of Happyness

At the start of the film Linda is pulling double shifts while Chris is out selling bone density machines, struggling […]

Meme, meme, meme, meme, memely meme*

* to be sung to the tune of Two and a half men‘s theme tune. Via Carl’s blog Science Fiction, […]

Linky goodness

Look, we’re Nevada[1] So when do we become the main gambling and prostitution attraction of Europe? And in more linking […]


So I have a cold today, was snuffly yesterday and today am a veritable snot-monster[1] so have been plonked in […]

White Noise 2: The Light

Okay, so I wouldn’t have gone to this film at all if it hadn’t been for the fact that Nathan […]

Friday Five Mish Mosh

Yes, I am making this a habit. And yes, this habit did start in the new year. But it is […]

Nomination time

This year’s nominees for the Orange British Academy Film Awards have been announced: Best Film: BABEL – Alejandro González Iñárritu/Jon […]

Favourite flicks of 2006

Well, I did the books so now I’m turning my attention to the films. And in no particular order my […]

Squally out, innit?

Woke up to a hidjis morning today. Gale force winds kept trying to break into my room through the window, […]

The Three Evangelists

The first Vargas book I read was Seeking Whom He May Devour, which I loved, and the reason I picked it up was because I liked the cover, well, this one doesn’t have quite such a gripping cover, but it really did grow on me. It is quite simple, just a tree picked out by a shaft of light in a garden, everything else is half hidden in the darkness. It really suits the story.

As I’ve mentioned before characters are what make, or break, a book for me. And this book has great, if slightly odd, stars. Eccentric is probably the polite term.

Bit of this and that

In the current climate of this whole “war on terror” thing that we have going on, what do you think […]

Books and Rugby and whatnot

It is January, so that means the Six Nations is just around the corner, and I’ve just gotten my ever-so-secret […]