Happy New Year

4 January 2007

Hola muchachos y muchachas, and welcome to 2007.

How did everyone get over the holiday season? I hope you went along with Budweiser’s wishes and had a good one.

Mine was the usual. Although I did manage to discover “living things” inhabiting the mutt, which meant he had to take a shower, which he doesn’t really like. You’d think he’d be delighra over having a warm shower instead of a freezing cold hosing, but he never shows any gratitude. I also got to meet the new cat, she[1] is a tabby, silver white with black stripes. And for a stray she is ultra tame. Even gets on well with the mutt; he isn’t so fond of her chasing his tail. He also has a case of that green eyed monster, and anytime anyone shows herself a bit of attention he has to come over to investigate. Then again, he was always sorta like that, just a little more so now.

As for the new year resolutions, well many years ago I made one to never make any more, and I’m sticking to that one.

Anyone catch Celebrity Big Brother?
I know, I moan about the stupidness of the regular one, and that last celeb version was unwatchable, but you just gotta tune in to see who they manage to get on.

And this year we have a whathisface Jackson, Michael’s brother, who looked very very uncomfortable and out of place. Leo Sayers, who seemed to know everyone from some party or other. Teddy Sherringham’s girlfriend who got booed coming in, but she seems like just a nice young wan.

Biggest idiot of the night award goes to the no-name from whatever that band is called. The fella who tried to impress everyone with his cursing and giving the crowd the finger. Loved their reply, chants of “Who Are Ya?” Honestly, giving people the finger, if you are over 15 or 16 then it just makes you look like an arsehole.

My favourite celeb, obviously was Face from A-Team.

Don’t know if I’ll watch anymore, but sure that was an entertaining evening watching all the celebs and non-celebs arrive.

I’ve also started watching that Medium thingy, I’m not to sure if I like the stories and plots, but sure yer man from American Gothic is reason to watch. Not that he is fanciable[2] or anything, but I like him as an actor. It’s also nice to see a married couple on telly without them being in a soap.

Speaking of telly, which i was, I also watched the first episode of Heroes, despite the fact that it doesn’t start until February, and not through any illegal file-sharing activity, but through the wonders of free internet telly, okay, so the quality of the picture aint that great. But you know what? Yup, that’s right, it is FREE! It also seems to have Veronica Mars season three, so I may actually watch it without waiting for the dvd.

As you are probably aware, I’ve missed a few Unconscios Muttering Sunday/Mondays, what with the Christmas and the not being online, but look, it is week 204 and Luna Nina says:

  1. Resolution ::
  2. Happy ::
  3. Bubbly ::
  4. Kiss ::
  5. Leather ::
  6. Fancy ::
  7. Pages ::
  8. Stupid ::
  9. Apologize ::
  10. Secrets ::

  1. Resolution :: Don’t do em
  2. Happy :: feet. Took the little sister, it is watchable and fun
  3. Bubbly :: Aero
  4. Kiss :: God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you!
  5. Leather :: Land of.
  6. Fancy :: Pants
  7. Pages :: turning
  8. Stupid :: cow
  9. Apologize :: never
  10. Secrets :: Post


  1. we havent quite figured out if it should be a he or a she, but we are going with she
  2. he played the doc

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9 Responses

  1. Carl V. says:

    Welcome back and Happy New Year! Glad to have you back.

    You could actually watch the whole season up until now on the main Heroes site. I'm surprised the quality was bad. I watched part of the last episode online on my PC and it was really clear. I'm really looking forward to its return in a few weeks. That and House.

    Resolution :: opportunity
    Happy :: Feet
    Bubbly :: blonde
    Kiss :: Knights in Satan's Service ;)
    Leather :: Tuscadero
    Fancy :: Pants
    Pages :: stuck together
    Stupid :: You Can't Fix
    Apologize :: for what?!?!
    Secrets :: and lies

  2. Fence says:

    It wasn't bad quality Carl, just not great. Looks interesting enough so I'll probably end up watching a few more.
    I think the main Heroes site is restricted to the US only, or at least so I read, but haven't tried it. May do so later on today.

  3. Tom says:

    happy new year fence…

    Watch CBB for two reasons:
    1. Russell Brand – omnipresent, I know, but feel your annoyance slip away as you realise- "gosh this man is funny"

    2. Which of these unbalanced personalities will go into meltdown first…

  4. Alan says:

    Favourite moment so far, Leo Sayer on his tape…. "I was like Rod Stewart and Elton John, I played in the same league as them." No Leo, you didn't. You really, really didn't!

    I need to see "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" but I don't understand this downloading TV from the internet thing and none of the UK channels seem interested in picking it up. Any ideas?

  5. Harlequin says:

    Resolution :: revolution
    Happy :: Birthday
    Bubbly :: champagne
    Kiss :: vampire
    Leather :: pants (Angel)
    Fancy :: pants
    Pages :: blank
    Stupid :: Cupid
    Apologize :: apologiSe
    Secrets :: Victoria's (not the underwear place, but the Best Episodes of Due South)

    I HATE BB and especially Russell Brand (ARGH) but today we turned it on so that the Beloved could prove he was right about Face/Starbuck being on it. Then we got confused about who the hell everyone is. So I looked them up on the official site. My GOD what a bunch of nonentities. Ken Russell being on it is just weird.

    Marian Keyes (Irish writer) had a thing on her blog about her husband asking if she wanted to be on it cos the producers had called her and she's such a fan and had been on one of the BB offshoot progs and thought that's what they wanted her for. But she didn't want to do CBB. But was so flattered they'd asked her until hubby told her they were desperate and asked if he'd do it if she wouldn't. So clearly they were reaching.
    And yerman with the swearing is supposedly 'dating' Peaches Geldof. How famous.

    If you see VM before me, I'll die. I'll just die.

    Heroes sounds like fun. I've made a Resolution to watch more tv. It makes the other resolutions about eating less, exercising more and studying hard more bearable. :-)

  6. Fence says:

    I've seen little snippets of Russell Brand about the shop, but never actually paid any attention to him, though he was quite funny on that Big Fat New Years Quiz thingymebob, so I don't object to him.
    Other reason for watching CBB: there is nothing else on.

    Alan, http://www.youtvpc.com/ have your show listed. You don't have to download anything, they are streaming videos, or links to googlevideo or wherever, so take a peak.
    Whats it about?

    Harlequin, I think they are a lot more famous than last year's crowd. Then again I can't remember last year's cause I didn't watch it.

  7. Alan says:

    Ooh, thanks for that, just watched the first one. It's a bit pixillated but watchable. As to what it's about, it's the new series from Aaron Sorkin, the guy who wrote The West Wing. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford (Josh from West Wing) are the main stars. It's about the production team of a satirical TV sketch show. From the first episode it's maybe not quite up to the same standard as WW, but Sorkin is still one of the best TV writers around so anything he writes is going to be very watchable.

  8. Al. says:

    Fucking BB managed to invade even Radio 5, that most sacred of places to me. Bastards!

  9. Fence says:

    Alan, I never watched any of The West Wing, I think I came to it late and just couldn't be bothered to do all the catching up. I may take a look at this Studio thingy though, cause I've heard good things about Sorkin.

    Al, I'm thinking I won't watch it as long as Jade is there. She isn't a celeb, not even by a long stretch and is far too irritating to be putting up with.