26 January 2007

Went to see Rocky Balboa this evening and I totally loved it. It may just be nostalgia, or the way the audience reacted, but Rocky really is one of the greatest fictional characters in movie-land. Anyone catch that dragon film, what was it called, you know where dragons came back and decimated the world and the poster seemed to promise us fighter planes v dragons, but the film didn’t bother to deliver. Reign of Fire! That was it. Okay, if you’ve seen it, remember where they re-enact classic scenes from Star Wars as entertainment for the children? Well I bet they did Rocky too :)

Okay, so I missed Robbie Burns day, and St. Dwynwen’s Day but better late than never. And while I’m here, happy Australia Day, and Republic Day in India

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5 Responses

  1. sally says:

    "Adrian! Adrian! ADRIAN!" That is required in all acting classes!!

  2. Carl V. says:

    Glad you had fun seeing it, I was so impressed with it. Fun and nostalgic, perfect way to send the series out in a blaze of glory.

  3. Fence says:

    Yo, yo Adrian!

    It was the perfect ending wasn't it Carl? I really must rewatch the other Rocky films, even the terrible ones.

  4. weenie says:

    I loved the first two Rocky films, hated the others. I may try and catch this one.

  5. Fence says:

    You so should, if you liked the first one you'll like this one.