Mick Galway said we have the x-factor


We’re all fans of Ronan O’Gara here[1] but I am left with slightly bemused by his interview in The Guardian. [found via Blogorrah] Not so much for what he said,

we always expect to beat England. But the English public and their team have a hard time believing that. They still assume they should come out on top every time because, apparently, the natural order in rugby is that England are the greatest. It’s probably down to the way they’ve been brought up.

because there is a certain amount of truth to that, but the fact that he said it at all. It may have been with a “mischievous glint” in his eye, but just imagine how it could get reported in other, less restrained papers.

He is also totally correct in his comments about Sky[2] Although did he really need to put it like this:

Their commentators are enthusing about the quality and excitement and I’m just like, ‘Oh my God!’

Valley Girl O’Gara :)

  1. I’m telling you now, you are, right!
  2. Bastards! Stealing our Heinekin Cup coverage away!
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9 responses on Mick Galway said we have the x-factor

  1. Actually the natural order in Rugby is that New Zealand are the greatest, but I get what he means. However, if he's going to diss the English Premiership he'd better indicate that he means all the teams EXCEPT Gloucester, otherwise there's going to be trouble. (And we've had some damned good games against Munster over the years).

  2. The fans that O'Gara refers to sounds a lot like the New York Yankee fans. They are very very confident the New York Yankees are the embodiment of baseball perfection. Never mind the Yankees are also one of the richest organizations who always seem to have most expensive payroll. Without a doubt the New York Yankees are a good organization who have won 26 World Series rings…but, they do not own baseball!!!

  3. Never any doubt Anne.

    Gloucester? And you call yourself a Scotsman Alan ;) I don't think he was actually dissing English rugby so much as the coverage of it. I'm sure Munster are well aware of the dangers Gloucester pose.

    Sally, so what you are saying is that the Ney York Yankees are crap right…
    Twitter: ecnef

  4. Hey, I grew up in Gloucester, which team am I going to support? And I met my ex-wife at a Gloucester game. Which isn't actually a point in it's favour now I think about it.

  5. Sorry it took so long for me to approve your comment Slippery Orange Ballcock (great name, btw). I agree, O'Gara might be regretting those comments come the weekend.
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