Capitalism is Man Exploiting Man; Communism is just the opposite

There is nothing better in life than being woken in the middle of the night/morning to some fella shouting about “how easy it is” “In my country” “Queer” “Call the guards” and other random proclamations of drunkenness. I’m not quite sure what prompted the screamed declarations of gayness, and I don’t really care. So fair […]

The Guardian

Grizzled old veteran teaches impudent new pup how to be a rescue swimmer.And that is about it. But if that was all I said it’d make for a pretty short review, so I’ll just bullshit away here for a few minutes. The Guardian is a pretty crap version of Top Gun only instead of planes […]

No, it ain’t so neat to admit defeat.

I hate / Je de’teste / Ich hasse / is fuath liom Tuesdays. Some people may not like Mondays[1] but for me Tuesdays are so much worse. At least on a Monday the day before was the weekend. On a Tuesday morning you still have four whole days of work, but the day before was […]

Party time! Excellent

I’d’ve started this post with a Dude-like exclamation, only I did that last time, and I can’t be repeating myself. Not for a short while anyway.

I guess Ronan O’Gara was proven totally and utterly correct when he said that Irish teams no longer have to fear English ones. After all, all three of our provinces involved in the Heinekin Cup won their matches, and England only 1 out 6. The French got 4 our of 7. While the Welsh got 3 our of 3. Scotland played 2 and won one[1]
Course on account of the ebilness of capitalism I didn’t get to watch any. I had intended to go down the pub on Sunday to watch Munster. But laziness defeated me. I listened to the Leinster match, and have the highlights recorded. And watched the highlights of the Munster match. Anyone know why RTE don’t just show the entire match?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAll hail Ronan, that was a fantastic last penalty. After missing one from closer in earlier, and faced with that rain, and all that pressure. What can you say but “Dude”[2]

It is also Luna Nina time, and she says:

  1. Stuff ::
  2. Block ::
  3. Ingredient ::
  4. Flagrant ::
  5. Dandruff ::
  6. Betty ::
  7. Tide ::
  8. Judges ::
  9. Take it easy ::
  10. Chef ::

WHile I say
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  1. won one one one.
  2. which is so not repetition because I started the last post with Dude, whereas this is finishing it. See

as the fella says, bejaney

Dude! Teh internet pwns everything. You click somewhere and suddenly you find footage of Simon Geoghegan[1] scoring a try against England. Oh, and then you find another one. 1994! Nineteen Ninety Four! that’s more than ten years ago. I do have fond memories of watching auld blondie so I do. Course you also find footage […]

This is a very good conversation

The Last Samurai was on the telly a couple of nights ago. I had seen it in the kino when it was released[1] and although thought aspects of it were good, it had annoyed me. So why did I watch it again? I have no idea. But it annoyed me even more this time round. […]

Mick Galway said we have the x-factor

We’re all fans of Ronan O’Gara here[1] but I am left with slightly bemused by his interview in The Guardian. [found via Blogorrah] Not so much for what he said, we always expect to beat England. But the English public and their team have a hard time believing that. They still assume they should come […]

The Last Great Tour?

Sunday 29 May 2005, Schipol Airport, Amsterdam
I hated rugby once, you know. In first year at secondary school, we hauled our bags up to the top of St. Patrick’s Hill every Monday afternoon, to run around in the freezing muck.

I had hoped to enjoy this, but in the end it was a little meh. Maybe because I hadn’t seen any of the rugby from the Tour, Sky Sports keeping it all for their viewers. Or maybe because New Zealand were so dominant. Or maybe because I’m not a Woodward fan. Or maybe because the style of writing was only meh-worthy.

The most important thing to remember about drunks is that drunks are far more intelligent than non-drunks. They spend a lot of time talking in pubs, unlike workaholics who concentrate on their careers and ambitions, who never develop their higher spiritual values, who never explore the insides of their head like a drunk does.

So who was it that taught pigeons to play chicken then? They can’t have come up with that nonsensical approach to life themselves can they? I mean, I know they’ve always been a bold and fearless[1] species, what with their belief that they can escape the wheels of death-buses merely by waddling out of the […]