He taught me how to wash, fight and pray


I really love this sorta weather. Sunny, but a little on the cold side[1] When I headed out this morning I could actually feel the chill in the air. Autumn weather, when dry, is great.

And look, Paul O’Connell[2] has been named captain of Munster. I’ve a great grá for Paul, so yet another reason this is a happy day. But Anthony Foley has been named as vice-captain, and I’m sure that he’ll end up playing as captain on numerous occasions as Paul’ll won’t play all the matches. Ronan O’Gara has also been named as vice-captain.

I’m almost regretting my decision to go home this weekend, as we don’t have Setanta Sports in Sligo, and so I won’t be able to watch Munster V Ulster. This is the first weekend that all the international players will be back playing so it should be a good game.

I was watching C4’s BodyShock programme last night. All about how doctors are killing people to save them. Well freezing them so that they appear dead and their metabolic rates drop so that they can operate on their brains. It was all very interesting, but yer man who was being operated on obviously came from a fairly religious family, and kept saying things like God would help him, and his belief and faith would carry him through. And that got me thinking.

Supposing for a moment that the Christian god exists and all that, does this fella then believe that god will only look out for people who have faith and belief in him? I’m not saying he shouldn’t believe, or that he shouldn’t pray, and i’m not suggesting he shouldn’t believe that god helps him, it was just the way he phrased it. God helped him, not because god is good and helps people, but because this dude believes and has faith. And there was me thinking you weren’t supposed to bargain with god, or put “the Lord your God to the test”?


  1. yeah, I reserve the right to complain about the very same type of weather later on in the year when Ive grown bored of it
  2. yes, yes, shamelessly self linking, but its my blog and I’ll do what I want

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