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  1. I watched something ridiculously bad and badly acted yesterday and was going to post something about it, and then I realized that no one would have any idea what I was blabbering on about. So I didn't, but your "moan-worthy" Lost post is my revenge.
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  2. Anne, don't worry about people not knowing what you are talking about. I never do…

    Alan, not ashamed, no. But neither are you convincing :) I was bored, bored and more bored with it.
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  3. I didn't hate it nearly as much as I usually do. Maybe because I now care NOTHING about any of the characters. I never cared much, but I realised last night that not only do I hate Jack, Kate, Sayid (especially Sayid) and all the others I always hated before, I now hate Charlie, Claire, Locke (he's not John to me) and even Eko, who I kinda liked before the button-pushing obsession. I don't hate Sun and Jin but I meh them. And since the episode with the bald invisi-guy I hate Hurley. And since Sawyer said 'pathetic' instead of 'prosthetic', I hate him too. Let's see, who else is there?


    ARGH. Stupid LOST. I only watch it because I despise it. Bastards.

  4. I feel the same as I was really irked by the last episode. More faffing around, more new characters I couldn't care less about, characters I know getting more irritating – but most of all – NOT ENOUGH EXPLANATIONS!

    JJ Abrams claimed a couple of months ago that the last episode was "the best piece of television I've ever made".

    I don't think so…

  5. Yup NM, totally agree. Those characters I don't hate I meh. I'm verbing meh from now on, btw. And I've just verbed verb, to verb. I verb. You verb. We verb. Yesterday he verbed. Tomorrow we will verb.

    Sinéad, Abrams can claim away. But he is wrong, either that or lying. Either way I'm overly mehed at the whole Lost hype.
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  6. I was getting bored with it at the end of season one, and haven't seen even one episode of season two. And now you guys hate Charlie?? And Claire? And Hurley?… oh, the humanity. And we had such high hopes when it started.

  7. Kelly I was often annoyed at the first season, and a little weary by the end of it. Despite RTE showing a fair few double episodes it felt sooooo slooooow. But yes, even Charlie is no longer entertaining or lovable or likable, merely mehable.

    Anne, the bracket line tells me you understood perfectly and are now attepting to create an international incident. Which can not be tolerated.
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  8. I gave up watching several weeks ago when I accidentally missed an episode and afterwards realised I really didn't care. Have to say I loved the first series, but you can only keep going round in circles getting nowhere for so long before you just can't see the point any more.

  9. I didn't read this post because I figured it would contain spoilers and I'm still thinking about hopping to the video store for Season 1 on DVD. Do ya think I still should?

    Tonight I'm watching Laurel Canyon but tomorrow maybe if I continue to have no social life I could watch some more TV.

  10. I like Lost…I see you guys don't. Keep in mind the span of time is 55+ days so character development has not and probably will not happen. The time issue only allows characters to develop through flashback.

    What works in TV and what is liked always amused and befuddled me. I loved Buffy and Angel never got into Firefly because that witty interaction between characters was a bit trite to me at that point. I know tons of people LOVE the show Buffy and the offspring and know just as many who roll their eyes and say "here comes the big evil…the end of humanity again and again".

  11. Nome – I think the best way to watch Lost would be on DVD. Then you wouldn't have to keep waiting to find out what happened – only to find out that nothing did! Having said that, the ideal would be the wait and wait and wait for the last season to end and then rent the lot!

    Sally, I don't mind so much about the character development – I actually think the characters have developed a lot over less than two months. The flashback thing worked very well in the first season, except for characters like Kate who had to have multiple flashbacks to tell us all about her, while remaining a rather dull enigma on the island. In fact, the short time span means that the shifting alliances between people and their reactions to events seem foolish. Half a season on and it's still only a few days or weeks since certain major characters died, which doesn't get addressed that much.

    For a series that had a lot of potential, it's gone nowhere. The Others used to be terrifying – Ethan scared the crap out of me! – but now they're just irritating cyphers whose sole purpose seems to be keeping the Lostaways from getting too comfortable. Journeying through the jungle used to be a trek into potential danger due to Lostzilla – now it's done every other week just for kicks. The Hatches throw up a lot of questions which are dull and some answers which are duller.

    It seems that while the creator has lots of Big Ideas That Are Cool, he doesn't know what to do in the interim, other than introduce unheard of issues for the characters through flashbacks or randomly kill people in Shock! Horror! moments. There's only so much Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangulation you can do, especially when the limited timeframe means she likes Sawyer on a Sunday and Jack on a Tuesday. Even the season finale focussed entirely on the struggles of one man who barely even qualified as a cast member! The only bearable thing about it was the presence of that Magnificent Man Among Men, Clancy Brown. Sigh.

  12. I'm addicted to Lost but am getting more and more annoyed that it only ever raises more confusion, instead of giving answers. Perhaps season 3 will explain a bit…? Huh, I won't hold my breath. I remember saying that about season 2. But yeah, Sawyer is kinda easy on the eyes :P

  13. He is Andi, only reason for watching really, apart from habit.

    Yup Alan, totally agree, so Ive <a>quoted you

    Nome, you can read it because the spoilers are hidden. As for your question, it probably is better watched all in one go so you don't have the annoyance of a non-ending and then having to wait a week for the story to continue. But not worth buying, renting maybe.

    Sally, I'm just bored of it all. I liked the first half of the first season. That's it.

    NM, I was wondering when the mention of Clancy Brown would come up :)
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  14. Terri, it wouldn't be so bad if it ran constantly. If you want to keep a totally open unanswered plot going then you really have to have no endings, cause there are none. Hee, Lost the soap :)
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  15. I hear this same sort of complaint from so many people that it makes me glad I never started watching this in the first place. I'll be interested to see if the final payoff is worth it in the fans eyes.

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