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I’m laughing at clouds

Well after bringing up the depressing headlines and news stories concerning the middle east, I left work this evening and […]

Unicorns and cannonballs, Palaces and piers, Trumpets, towers, and tenements, Wide oceans full of tears, Flags, rags, ferry boats, Scimitars and scarves

TV has been a tad on the depressing side recently. And I don’t mean the boring-ness of Lost, but actual […]

Resistance is futile!

Do you remember Eerie Indiana? Do you? With the kids being preserved in tubberware lunchboxes? And the ability to understand […]


It is 2054, Paris and a young woman has just been kidnapped. Karas, a police captain specialising in kidnapping is […]

Time Added On

When you are a child, and you’re poor, and you live next to other people who are poor, you never think of yourself as being poor.

Around a month ago I read an entry on Omaniblog about this book, up until then I hadn’t even known that George Hook had a book out. But that post caught my attention. George Hook is probably best known in Ireland for his rugby punditry. Together with Brent Pope and Tom McGurk, he analyses rugby for RTE in an entertaining, honest, blunt manner. He also has a radio show, but I’m not big on the radio so haven’t heard him enough to comment on that. In many ways I suppose he is the Eamonn Dunphy of the rugby world.

But I know him primarily from his rugby comments, and his constant promises that Munster will lose, and that the likes of Stringer shouldn’t be playing. I disagree with him, but am well aware that he is very knowledgeable about the game. And in an entertaining way.

That’s not even a plot

Last episode of season 2 of Lost was on last night. And can I just say that this has to […]

Football warning and Week 181

EDIT: Luna Nina is up and running again and she says: Requirements :: Pizza :: Dating :: Issue :: Sharp […]

Grrr arrgh

I had intended to write a really witty and entertaining post on the difference between the “Spray More, Get More” […]

The Cave of the Yellow Dog

There is very little plot to this film. It all revolves around Nansal, a six year old girl, who while […]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Took me long enough, but I finally managed to catch POTC2, and despite loving the first one I have to […]

No present like time

ISBN: 0575077980 – Infinity Plus review January 2020 On this soft night I followed the Moren River valley, flying back […]

Superman Returns

Superman has never really been a superhero that I was a fan of. Sure, he is faster than a speeding […]