Monthly Archives: July 2006

I’m laughing at clouds

Well after bringing up the depressing headlines and news stories concerning the middle east, I left work this evening and just as I left the [...]

Unicorns and cannonballs, Palaces and piers, Trumpets, towers, and tenements, Wide oceans full of tears, Flags, rags, ferry boats, Scimitars and scarves

TV has been a tad on the depressing side recently. And I don’t mean the boring-ness of Lost, but actual real life programmes. Not the [...]

Resistance is futile!

Do you remember Eerie Indiana? Do you? With the kids being preserved in tubberware lunchboxes? And the ability to understand the canine plot [...]


It is 2054, Paris and a young woman has just been kidnapped. Karas, a police captain specialising in kidnapping is charged to find her, and [...]

Time Added On

When you are a child, and you're poor, and you live next to othe [...]

That’s not even a plot

Last episode of season 2 of Lost was on last night. And can I just say that this has to be the most pointless telly watching I have ever don [...]

Football warning and Week 181

EDIT: Luna Nina is up and running again and she says: Requirements :: Pizza :: Dating :: Issue :: Sharp :: Distinguish :: Remote :: Felony : [...]

Grrr arrgh

I had intended to write a really witty and entertaining post on the difference between the “Spray More, Get More” ad campaign fr [...]

The Cave of the Yellow Dog

There is very little plot to this film. It all revolves around Nansal, a six year old girl, who while out looking for dung to fuel a fire co [...]
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