you can take it that way if you want


  1. You were not. Shame on you forever.
    Although, I think the Spaniards might have looked younger considering the French are teetering on the brink of old age. Still. Shame on you.

    Now. Oh Dun-uh-vun.

    And count me in for the 3-day weekend campaign. Even though, clearly, you do not deserve my support.
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  2. Ah, I love catching people out on the Irish pronunciations. Aoife and Coimhe are always good ones. And we have a guy at work whose surname is O'Danachair which produces some wild and wonderful attempts.

  3. Do you remember when you were in first year, Fence and you had those (German?) flatmates who had your name and how to pronouce it up on the wall with all the other hard words? Don't know what the problem was – Fence is easy to say! :-D

  4. Alan, Aoife is one that I always forget looks nothing like it is pronounced. It is quite common here, so you never really think about it. Grainne is another one
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  5. And Saoirse, Caoimhe, Sadhbh, Laoise, Meadhbh, Siobhán…

    I wish my name was Irish. But the translation isn't great and I do like my name. I just wish it was more traditional. Like your family names.

    What I really don't like is Anglicised Irish names, like Ashleen or Shawn.

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