The smell of your fresh cut grass, Your blue sky grins For all its sins

5 June 2006

I’m back. But first to business, Sun marked week 174 of Luna Nina’s Unconscious Mutterings and she said

  1. Fraud ::
  2. Cure ::
  3. Slate ::
  4. Pretentious ::
  5. Splendid ::
  6. Geek ::
  7. Blister ::
  8. Pizza ::
  9. Revive ::
  10. Visionary ::
  11. mine are under the cut.

So how has everyone’s week been? Have to say my timing was fantastic because for all of my week off we’ve had sunny weather. And no rain. Actually that is a lie. I distinctly remember bringing the same load of washing in off the line twice last Monday because of sudden showers. But still, since then I don’t think it has rained at all. And let me tell you, that is some achievement when you are staying in the North West of Ireland.

But enough about the weather.

Let’s see what have I been up to. First off there was the meeting the parents on Sat last. It was the aunt’s birthday. Well not really, her actual birthday was earlier in the month, but her party was on Sat., and as the parents were going I headed off to Dundrum to meet them and then over to her house. Loads of the family were there, plus the in-law family[1] and a lot of meeting and greeting. And catching up. Met the cousin’s kid for the first time. She’s almost a year old now.

And, as nearly everyone was from Limerick there was a lot of rugby talk going on. One of the in-law family members was actually a big Leinster fan, but he’d gone over as a “Langer for a day” to see the match. And all in all a good time was had by all. I took the the sister back to my place to stay for the night, although the bus did break down on our way in. Classy Dublin Bus :) The driver got it up and running after a few minutes[2]

We headed up to Sligo on Sun afternoon, after the sister bought her first ever mobile. And called in on brother #1 on the way, mainly to drop off a couple of gifts from aunts, or grand-aunts to the gasur[3]

And then had a whole week of doing nothing. Which was lovely.

Took the dog for a few walks. Played a bit of tennis. Went to the beach. But mainly, did nothing but enjoy the sunshine.

NM’s birthday was on the 31st so we met up at the weekend and went to see Mission: Impossible III which was okay. Although shouldn’t Tom Cruise’s characters be making those stupid “I’m too old for this shit” jokes at this stage?

Course I really should be unpacking now. Or at least figuring out if I have clothes for the morning. But that all sounds too much like work, and there are so many blogs I have to go visit.

  1. Fraud :: credit card
  2. Cure :: Caterpillar
  3. Slate :: roof. grey.
  4. Pretentious :: twaddle
  5. Splendid :: weather
  6. Geek :: freaks and
  7. Blister :: foot
  8. Pizza :: heros in a half-shell
  9. Revive :: restore.
  10. Visionary :: mystic.


  1. yup. That means plenty of people I didn’t know
  2. or as some time-immune woman whined on her mobile, over ten minutes. More like 2 if you ask me
  3. – thats what we are calling the nephew

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4 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Fraud ::ster
    Cure ::Rober Smith
    Slate ::MSN
    Pretentious ::Fecker
    Splendid ::Splenda
    Geek ::Freaks and
    Blister ::Blood
    Pizza ::Party
    Revive ::with Vivarin
    Visionary :: Entreprenuer

  2. NineMoons says:

    Fraud :: ulent transaction
    Cure :: It's Friday, I'm in love
    Slate :: grey
    Pretentious :: wankers
    Splendid :: seat
    Geek :: freak
    Blister :: plaster
    Pizza :: slice
    Revive :: drown
    Visionary :: dromedary

  3. Carl V. says:

    Fraud :: Milli Vanilli
    Cure :: The
    Slate :: countertop
    Pretentious :: swine
    Splendid :: day to play hookey
    Geek :: and proud of it
    Blister :: 'on your little finger, maybe get a blister on your thumb'
    Pizza :: thin crust
    Revive :: Mt. Dew
    Visionary :: Misunderstood

    Glad you had a nice time off Fence!

  4. Fence says:

    Freaks and geeks seems to be winning.

    Thanks Carl, I did.