Greamaíonn sé i bhfraigh fáil a rosc geal comhlán

There is a bloody cat out the back at work today, and it has been squalling all day long. Maybe the wind blew it into the bin. Or maybe it’s a mammy-cat looking for a kitten. Or maybe it’s just givin’ out about the weather. Or possibly it wants to be daddy cat. Who knows? […]

The Curse of Chalion

Cazaril heard the mounted horsemen on the road before he saw them. He glanced over his shoulder. The well-worn track behind him curled up around a rolling rise, what passed for a hill on these high windy plains, before dipping again into the late-winter muck of Baocia’s bony soil

Lois McMaster Bujold is one of the big names in SFF, but I’ve only recently come to read her books. A few months ago I read Paladin of Souls, which is the second in the Chalion series. But although there are reoccuring characters and shared history I don’t think you have to have the first one in order to read that. I hadn’t, but I’m sure that if I now reread it after reading The Curse of Chalion it would make a lot more sense.

You can go to the end of time, the last World Cup in the history of mankind, and the All-Blacks will be favourites for it

So I got out of bed with surprising ease this morning. Dressed in my Irish top I almost poisoned myself with sour milk, but spotted that there was something wrong with the tea and poured it down the sink. And headed off round the corner to The Woolshed Baa and Grill[1] Within 30 minutes we […]

He covets the precious things of the shop

There must be something in the Irish psyche that just likes complaining. Or maybe it is just my psyche, but whatever! I’ve had enough of this weather. No, it hasn’t rained. And it is still fairly warm out, but I’ve just had enough. I’m bored. It isn’t that I want rain exactly, its just I […]

The press is like the peculiar uncle you keep in the attic – just one of those unfortunate things

So it seems that the conflict between the rugby players and the meeja peoples isn’t actually resolved. Of course, there is nothing about it on the official rugby website apart from in the forums, which are only for members of the supporters club. And even there all the IRFU have said is The full facts […]

Winter Rose

ISBN: 1904233074 They said later that he rode into the village on a horse the color of buttermilk, but I saw him walk out of the wood Rois has always been a little fey; wandering the woods barefoot while her sister and father work at home. Her mother died when she was a baby. But […]