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7 June 2006

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The trouble with M:I3 is that it is in essence a meh film. We all go knowing what to expect; gadgets, stunts, and Tom Cruise coming out a winner. And that is what happens in this film, so we can’t really complain. There is no real need to complain, because if you went to see this film expecting any more of that, well, then you’ve no one to blame but yourself.

M:I3 also suffers from having an annoyingly long name and a crap looking acronym. Is it MI3, M:I3, M:I 3, M:Iiii or any other variation? Who knows.

All in all I quite enjoyed this film. I didn’t expect much, and I got exactly that. Tom Cruise ran far too often, but it is The Cruise, and he is obliged to have at least 5 running scenes in ever major motion picture he is involved in. But the baddie was cool and evil in an unexplained 2 dimensional way.

The Julie character was annoying though. Just far too good. Only, she didn’t really have a character, she was just the “damsel in distress.” But plus points must be awarded for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, although he will always be the fella who shot Michael Collins, and his accent was very much stock oirish.

All in all, enjoyable trash flick.

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3 Responses

  1. Carl V. says:

    Good review. I agree with most of it, but I really liked the female character the way she was. And she was cute too! ;)

  2. Fence says:

    You and your being male!

  3. NineMoons says:

    Tom ran eleven times in this film. And one of them was for two minutes. Grr.

    I liked JRM's shirtlessness. Mmmmm. Me and my being female.