It matters what we journalists do. If I didn’t think my work made a difference, I’d probably give it up


  1. omaniblog

    Well said. Thanks for the summary of background. Organised crime versus the law… what a difficult one to win. I hear that there's a lot of coke taken at parties, expeciallly in Dublin. Isn't it time we started to see such drug taking in the same way we see viewing child porn? Recreational cocaine funds the drug barons, funds the murderers.
    Is that too strong?

  2. Yes Anne, yes I am. Just don't tell the aliens.

    Omani I think that is too strong. Obviously there is a link between users and pushers, but once you start down that road you never know where you are going to end up. Will you then view softer drugs as just as bad because they also fund drug lords? Or pirated dvds, which as everyone knows "find terrorism"
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