Hey! You use language like that again son, you’ll wish you hadn’t!



  1. Mal

    If the captain of the library I sail in called me his minion I'd break his legs. Calling library assistants minions cannot be discouraged strongly enough. As you say, they deserve respect. And love. And adoration.

  2. So you were paying attention. that's good anne, very good.

    Oh Mal, it is meant with respect. It'd just take too long to type out Library assistant see. They are minions of the highest calibre.
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  3. Mal

    Henchmen would be nicer. But at least you're not as bad as the librarian in my library who notoriously (and allegedly, but I believe it) described library assistants as "trained animals".

    And she was being too generous because I can't even balance a ball on my nose.

  4. I hope they think so Sally :)

    Mal, technically they are trained animals. After all, every human is an animal. And presumably they were trained-in on the job?
    Twitter: ecnef

  5. Sounds just like the stories I hear from my wife and her library experiences. Not as bad as the stories of catching men in a specific floor bathroom on a regular basis practicing sex acts on one another but close!

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