Greamaíonn sé i bhfraigh fáil a rosc geal comhlán



  1. Hmm, maybe some compassionate person could go on out there and FEED IT. Just a suggestion. And yay! That picture you put up there will be perfect for my new tattoo! haha! COULD you imagine!

    Thank you for the new Separation of Blog & Sport, Fence. I owe you.

  2. Mal

    If you think that's bad, shed some tears for me in the veterinary library. There are dogs whining and howling ALL DAY LONG. It's like The Hound of the Baskervilles. And you get the odd cow mooing. It's rather surreal, actually.

    They actually had a bull running loose in the past. I'm not joking.

  3. Mal

    Not regularly, but on at least one occasion, and within the last month. And the bit about the bull isn't bull.

    And no, I'm not smoking the wacky baccy.

    Fence, looking at the photo at the top of this page, I'm moved to ask…how exactly does Vin Diesel qualify to play for Munster?

  4. Kelly, when exactly did you get the impression that I was compassionate? Sides, judging from the numbers of stray cats and kittens around at the moment I don't think they are short on food. There is a whole colony of stray cats living near the bins, probably enjoying the left over food and rats and mice that are attracted to the bins.
    And it isn't a total separation, there will still be the odd sporting rant or rave, so prepare yourself :)

    Mal, at least those animals are supposed to be there. Our stray cats aren't meant to be here.
    Oh, and I hope you aren't mistaking Peter Stringer for Vin Diesel. Vin wouldn't be impressed as Stringer is known as the small fella.

    Anne, one site at a time. But shush, don't let the others know.
    Twitter: ecnef

  5. Mal

    Oh, you meant Fence, Anne. I didn't read all her post to be honest…but really, Fence, how do you run a library and update your site five times a day and still manage to comment of fifty million other sites, eh? How's it done? Do you have one of those time-twisting medallions like Hermione in Prisoner of Azkaban?

  6. You didn't read all of my fantabulous post Mal! I'm, well, shocked. Apalled. Disgusted.

    And no, I simply ignore the library and waste time online. It's easy.
    Twitter: ecnef

  7. Mal, you are so RUDE. Imagine telling the Fence of Fence that you didn't read all her post! I read ALL her posts. And pretty much all the comments. And in between arguing with you, I make comments about the posts. I am wonderful. A course, I do utterly and completely ignore my own blog but as I am currently crushed 'neath the weight of my job, study and my inability to find a damn pair of shoes, not to mention the disappointment of deciding NOT to buy a house, :-( I suppose I can be forgiven.

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