Greamaíonn sé i bhfraigh fáil a rosc geal comhlán

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThere is a bloody cat out the back at work today, and it has been squalling all day long. Maybe the wind blew it into the bin. Or maybe it’s a mammy-cat looking for a kitten. Or maybe it’s just givin’ out about the weather. Or possibly it wants to be daddy cat. Who knows? Who cares. I just want it to shut up.

Since 11 o’clock this morning it’s been complaining.

I’ve been messing about getting another site set up. It is structured in a similar fashion to digg, only instead of submitting technology related stories you should head over to OnTheDitch and submit Irish sporting stories. Once you’ve registered you can vote, submit and discuss.
And if you notice any problems with it let me know, it’s only been up since yesterday.

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