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2 May 2006


I can’t make up my mind whether or not the new McDonald’s ad is a piece of subversive genius, or just a really bad ad. Either way I loves it.

It isn’t really for McDonald’s, instead it is advertising MDs as a great place to have a career[1] But the reason I love it is because it achieves the exact opposite of what it sets out to do. It should make you think that being a manager at a fast food shop is not all “fries and grease”, shouldn’t it? But it doesn’t. It highlights and points out all the negative aspects.

Now I don’t think that there is anything wrong with working for McDonald’s[2] I’ve worked in my share of fast food joints, and being a manager there is presumably quite like being a manger anywhere else, albeit with more chip smells.

They start off the advert with our hero[3] telling all his mates he’s got a new job. “Working at McDonald’s” And straight away the jokes begin. Jokes that take up most of the ad. At a football match his team-mates throw in the ball, asking “does he want fries with that?” Late at night his friends coming home ring his buzzer, giving an order for chips[4] and burgers. The ad is all about how easy it is to take the piss out of working for those happy shiny golden arches.

So you’re sortof expecting some reversal. I mean, why on earth would MacDonalds make an ad pulling the piss out of their own job opportunities unless they reversed it, successfully at the end.

But they don’t. They make a half-hearted attempt by telling you all the positives, flexible hours[5] erm, ehm, there were others, I just don’t remember them[6] and it ends with one of dweeby-hero-boy’s mates asking a customer “do you want fries with that” and hero-lad giving him a self satisfied “nyah nyah now you too must suffer this indignity” look[7] And then a voice over, from a clearly bored and distraced girl asking you “D’ye wan’ a career wi’ that?

So, what are McDonalds thinking? And to spend €500,000 on an ad like that!


  1. like we’re going to buy into that
  2. lets not get into ethical consumerism debates
  3. obviously, hero here doesn’t mean heroic it just means the star of the ad. Unless working at McDonald’s is a lot more demanding than I though
  4. only obviously calling them fries, cause this is McDonald’s
  5. otherwise known as we’ll let you know 10 minutes before your due to start. And what do you mean you can’t come in on your day off
  6. commercial clearly working then
  7. maybe it was supposed to convey some other emotion?

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15 Responses

  1. kyknoord says:

    This sounds like required viewing. Unfortunately I don't watch enough TV to know whether they're running the campaign here as well.

  2. NineMoons says:

    I think the bit where his friends buzz his flat and give the order is my favourite part.

    The other advantage McD's offer is a chance to develop management skills.

    I love your definition of flexible working hours. Clearly your jobs in BK, Abrakestabra and Supermacs paid off, if it taught you such valuable info. You should really get a part-time job in McDonald's, just so's you can say you worked in the Big Four.

  3. Fence says:

    Kyknoord it was made by an Irish advertising company so prolly not made it to your part of the world. Although maybe they are doing the whole glocalisation thing and you'll get your own version.

    NM, yeah I like that bit too. So, McDonald's management skills'd be the ability to go nyah nyah nyah to the employees then?

  4. anne says:

    McDonald's are obviously slipping, we had a career commercial campaign here too and I can't remember any of it.

  5. Kelly says:

    Maybe it was REALLY made by McDonald's main competitor, Mamba Burger. Did you check the small print at the bottom of the screen? Any mention of Hunky Dunky sauce? (okay, I'll stop, but I don't want to. =o)

  6. Carl V. says:

    and yet it got you talking about McDonald's when you may not have in the first place! Personally I think they'd have to pump ecstasy into people's homes during the commercials to actually have a prayer convincing anyone that McDonald's is a great career opportunity. You'd have to have real drive to work your way up beyond that so that you become an owner and actually get some share of McDonald's sickeningly insane profits. I know some guys that have done that…I doubt they got inspired to do so by a Mickey D's commericial! Sounds like an interesting one, I'll have to keep an eye out for it!

  7. Fence says:

    Aren't McDonald's really the evil american culturists in France though Anne, you probably just wiped it from your memory on purporse

    Kelly we have no Mamba Burger. Maybe Supermacs *tasty and tempting, food at*, or Abra-kebab-ra

    That's true Carl. Guess they are right when they say there is no such thing bad publicity. Although I think the people who make the money would be the franchise owners rather than mgt. But who knows. Still wouldn't want to work there for any extended period of time.

  8. Kelly says:

    FENCE! Mamba Burger! Mamba Burger! Bernard worked there one homeless night. Sigh. If it makes you feel better for forgetting, McDonald's is also an imaginary place.

  9. Fence says:

    ARGH! I have no brain. No brain. You know I was wondering why it sounded familar but knew I'd never seen one before.

    I'll say again, for emphasis, DOH!

  10. NineMoons says:

    That reminds me, I wanna borry Black Books. I shoulda thunk of that before today. I'm on me owneo this weekend and it would have been a great thing to have. Damn. Maybe you could bring them in tomorrow and I could pick them up while heading for my train? Am on a half day so should be in that neck of the woods shortly before one. But then your place is all out of the wayish and I have a train to get at 1.15 at Staisiun Piarsach. *worries endlessly* What to do, what to do? How long from your place to Pearse?

  11. Kelly says:

    Geez, Nines, well. It would be a little inconvenient for me to lend you my copy, but I will, since you're insisting. I think it's at least nine hours from my place to Pearse, as the crow flies, or United, or whatever. ;o)

  12. Kelly says:

    Sigh. I'm doing my utmost to avoid cleaning my house. Filth wizard.

  13. Fence says:

    I'll bring them. If I remember in the morning. I'm 5 minutes walk from where I tapped you on the shoulder today. Text me tmro (or today, depending on when you read this)

    Unless Kelly hires a private jet?

  14. NineMoons says:

    Heh. Heh heh heh.

    As we know Fencius Maximus, I didn't get BB due to not going to work. So will have to borrow them next week. Damn, now what's going to distract me from studying this weekend? Oh, right, fantasy house purchase! My new favourite game!

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