I think I’d better leave right now

10 May 2006

Strange thing happened when I was looking at the web stats today. It appears that someone got here by searching using the term koenigshklkoenigshklhafkljablerker. Yes, that’d be the made up word I used to describe the car on Top Gear on Sunday. Well, it made me smile.

Last night saw Roy Keane’s testimonial. He played for both Man U and for Celtic[1] But you know what was weird? Seeing him smile so much. I mean, Roy Keane, smiling while playing football. What’s going on there?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWas nice to see the huge turnout though, he deserved it. Whatever you say about him personally, you can’t deny that he was a great servant to Man U for 12 years, and was one of the greatest footballers they ever had. Maybe not in terms of talent and skill, but in terms of loyalty, drive, ambition and commitment.

I didn’t watch all the match, was switching between it and the rugby on Setanta. Munster lost to Llanelli[2] but they weren’t exactly fielding their best team. Saving them for the big show down in Cardiff. Which reminds me, it is ten days to go until that match, so I’ll be switching themes later tonight and going red for Munster.

I did have something else to say, but I can’t remember what it was, so I may be back later on. Than again, maybe it wasn’t important so I mightn’t. Who knows.


  1. Man U won, 1-nil, big surprise
  2. not sure about that spelling

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14 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Forget about learning another language! Apparently, you already know one – though it may be of alien origin – and buried deep within your DNA. It's just a matter of releasing it to the wild, and then letting your particular tribe sniff you out. Did you track back on that stat?

    That's truly hilarious

  2. NineMoons says:

    Something strange happened to my blog too… there's, like, WORDS on it!

  3. Fence says:

    I know NM, I've just been by. The shock.

    Kelly, ta da!

  4. anne says:

    Oh my god, you have a doppelgänger…?
    (yeah, it seemed to go well with the word…)

  5. Fence says:

    Is the world ready for my double Anne?

    Course it was probably someone who was on the site, spotted the word and then googled it wondering what in the hell I was talking about. But I prefer to think that someone out there (proxy.chesterfield.ac.uk at 2.48) thinks that koenig…. (I can't remember the spelling) is a real word.
    I was actually refering to the Koenigsegg CCX car, in case you were wondering. I guessing not :)

  6. NineMoons says:

    It's only a bloody student. Pity your doppelganger isn't somebody powerful and useful.

  7. Fence says:

    You don't know that. Could be a powerful professor type.

    Maybe its a college pretending to be a college but in reality its a secret school/training centre for mutants. So nyah!

  8. NineMoons says:

    Ooh! I did not think of that! Cooooooooool.

    K, here's a suggestion – you download !TOTALLY LEGAL! VM. Then I come to visit you, bearing with me The Beloved's MP3 playa which will apparently not require any software in order to snuggle with Pavlov. We put Veronica on it, I take it home and hook it up with Tim. Then I don't have to keep forgetting to return Norman! Genie-ass.

  9. Fence says:


    Is your internet broken? Whyfore do you require mine?

  10. NineMoons says:

    Sorry, thought we talked about this before? (mutter grumble you never listen mumble grumble) About how I don't know where I stand on the download limit so can't download myself? Didn't we talk about this and you offered me Norman?

  11. NineMoons says:

    but if you don't wanna, that's ok.

  12. Fence says:

    No we didn't talk about this. Obviously you've gone insane and are having imaginary conversations in your head.
    I mentioned loaning you Norman two weeks ago, but then your internet got fixed. Or your limit was reset or whatever, and toy were downloading yourself. No more mention of it after that.

    VM should be finished tonight, I had an hour left last night when I shut Pavlov down so started it up this morning so there'd be plenty of time to seed other people too. See how generous I am :)

    Kino anocht @ 1800 sounds grand. I'll text you later.

  13. NineMoons says:

    Jesus, I could have sworn we had discussed it just the other day. I believe you though! My head = sieve. And I did mean to actually make human contact with you but the mother rang, then was watching BSG (Chief!) then realised twas half-eleven and didn't want to call that late. So sorry for all the textual confabulation.

    Unfortunately, the Beloved forgot to bring his connector with him today ("you didn't remind me!" "If I did, you'd say I was nagging" "I'm sorry!" "That's OK, I'll figure something out." "I said I'm sorry, alright? JEEZ." "No, really, it's fine, I'm not mad." "SORRY!" eye-roll) so new plan is er, planned. I use Shu Lien. I don't have her connector either AND her battery is low. So unless your connector will fit her, the new plan will die a grim death before ever getting to truly live. We'll see.

    Either way, kino anocht but not staying. M'kay?

  14. Fence says:

    Grand so.