Cause he sees an angel peepin’ Through a broken window pane

I’ve decided to respond to Criminalenglish’s challenge
It is strange, the things people grow accustomed to. Harry glanced at the newly sprouted building. All over the country, all over the world even, there had been occurrences such as this. Over the past two and half years at least four hundred and seventy buildings had appeared in Cumbria clone. Four hundred and seventy houses dotted amongst modern houses. They never turned up in a field, or an open space. Only where the ground had already been saturated with concrete and tarmac.

When the first such appearance had occurred there had been outcry. People believing it was a hoax of some description.

But after the fiftieth or so people just stopped caring. Yes, they’d pay extra attention to the radio in the morning. Didn’t want to be late for work because a falling down ruin of a castle had appeared in the middle of the road. But theses disturbances were now regarded as nothing more than traffic delays. And in certain cases a source of building material. Occasionally they even proved useful. Harry’s cousin used one as a shed.

But for the most part they were ignored. Maybe the government was investigating where they came from. Or scientists. Harry didn’t know. The appearing buildings features that had run for days in the news had been replaced by Wayne Rooney’s foot. If he was honest with himself, which he tried to be, Harry would admit he wasn’t that curious. Oh at first it had all been a bit of excitement, wondering where they came from, what the explanation was But the longer it continued the less interesting it seemed. No one knew anything more than they had that first day when a cottage, complete with a mouldy thatched roof had appeared in London. Missing all its windows and half a back wall, it had promptly been proclaimed “off-limits”. Even now no one was allowed go near that particular building. None of the later ones earned such protection.

Now every street had its own example of the UHP; oh yes, the government had acronymed it. Unexplained Housing Phenomenon. And each individual building was given a number. A unique identifier.

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