Cause he sees an angel peepin’ Through a broken window pane


  1. Superbly done! I love how you covered the bigger picture and the detail.
    And I wish Harry was a bit more interested and found out where they came from.
    Twitter: errenna

  2. Not librarians NM, governments. If it was librarians they'd have catalogues them by time appeared and style of building. These were just numbers :)

    FM, thanks.

    Anne, Harry isn't really an "issue solving" kind of guy. He'd like someone to solve the problem, but he couldn't really be bothered. All he wants is for the shadow across his garden and kitchen window to go away.
    Twitter: ecnef

  3. jp

    Oh, I like that! 'Unexplained Housing Phenomenon' indeed! I bet the MoD made a report that it was caused by atmospheric conditions and plasma and filed it away! Good one. I like the way everyone's mildly puzzled but essentially willing to get on with their lives anyhow. Very enjoyable. :)

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