And still we stand tall Cause maybe they’ve seen us And welcome us all

19 May 2006

Today is Munster Red Day. Course I’m not in the province so can’t help turn Munster red :) But I did use my red umbrella, does that count? I don’t actually own any red clothes, at least I don’t think I do. It tends to clash with the hair.

Let me moan about the weather for a second here[1] Yesterday morning was a bloody joy to behold. Blue skies[2] and a warm sun shining down. So I dressed accordingly. Just before I left the house I listened to the weather and heard “wind, rain, gusts” but did I do the usual and bring the coat, just in case. no. Of course not.

See, there are two modes of dress for Irish people in the “warmer months”. First there are the “young hip type.” And they tend to dress with total disregard to the weather, in that if it is spring or summer they’ll wear short sleeves, skimpy tops, shirts, skirts, sandals etc. You know, the sort of clothes you see people in sunny American tv-land wear. It doesn’t matter that the sky overhead has been filled with huge grey blue clouds all day, or that under the fake tans skin is turning blue from the wind, or that wading through puddles isn’t all that fun with open toes. they’ll still dress that way. And maybe even wear sunglasses.

The other mode is the “wear everything just in case” mode. So you bring a coat, an umbrella, a scarf, a hat, a jacket, a light top, something underneath that, a pair of tackies[3] or maybe even boots[4] or, in other words, you carry a mini-wardrobe around on your back, just in case the weather improves all the while assuming that it won’t. because, this is Ireland after all, and while Dublin has way, way less rain than Sligo, it still isn’t California.

This build up should have told you what happened next. I mean, I wasn’t in shorts and a t-shirt[5] but I decided to trust the morning sky.

I soon saw the error of my ways.

Rain. Rain. A little more rain. And let’s not forget those gusts of wind. Cause there is nothing better than the wind catching in your umbrella and trying to make you stab the person walking beside you. Nothing better.

So a little wet after I stepped outside work I headed off to meet NM as we were heading to an Irish Rugby Supporters Evening with Eddie O’Sullivan. Brother #5 was supposed to be coming, but couldn’t cause of the awkwardness of having to travel from Sligo and what with school and tests coming up, so NM came instead, all prepared to be bored, just so she could get a copy of the final episode of this season’s Veronica Mars[6] ;)

Luckily enough by the time it was over the sun had decided to come out again and we had a bit of blue sky so I didn’t get wet on my walk home from the DART.

This morning the weather has started life with rain and grey clouds, so I’ve done the sensible thing and worn those shorts, sandals and t-shirt I told you about earlier. After all, chances are there may be two minutes of sun at some stage today. And you gotta be prepared.


  1. an old Irish tradition
  2. why do we say skies when there is only one?
  3. It is Munster Day remember, this is Limerick for runners, sneakers or trainers depending on where you come from
  4. though usually not wellies, not till that crazy fashion arrived anyways
  5. I’m still in Ireland after all, so that aint very likely
  6. totally legal and not at all downloaded

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6 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Very sorry about the unpredictable weather.

    You quoted Europe?!?

  2. Fence says:

    Haven’t you realised I’ll quote anyone Anne. Besides Europe’s The Final Countdown fits for a variety of reasons; It is the final countdown. It is a european competition. And one of those day-long sports programmes used to use the music as their theme tune back in the day.

  3. anne says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all that.


  4. Carl V. says:

    Hope you have a better weekend weather-wise..and in all ways..Fence!

  5. Ann says:

    I second all of your complaints about the weather. I walked from Ballsbridge into town in a downpour and got soaked to the bone. I know, I know, I should have just hopped on the bus but A.) I’m not the type of girl who likes to change her plans and B.) the damage was done quickly enough and after a certain point, it really doesn’t matter anymore.

  6. Fence says:

    Yes, anne. Europe. Do you want me to hang my head in shame. Cause I aint going to do that :P

    Thanks Carl, I’ll be inside watching the telly, so it won’t matter to me what the weather is like. Although the weather in Wales will impact…

    Ann, once you get wet enough you may as well keep going. I don’t really mind getting soaked on my way home. I’m used to that. Its just when you are going somewhere so you know you’ll be sitting around in wet clothes thats the nasty bit.