We on our part must realize that force may not bring unity. That the reverse in fact can be true. Force can create resistance and what we are trying to bring about is unity.

16 April 2006

Inniú I went down to take a look at the military parade we had in Dublin to mark the 90th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. I didn’t make it out early enough so didn’t try to find a space on O’Connell St, it was packed. Instead d’fhán mé on Parnell St. So I didn’t hear the reading of the proclamation, or any of the speeches. Which may be a good thing, I’m not sure. But the parade[1] itself was a little strange.

We don’t do military parades. We haven’t had one in almost 40 years, cause of Northern Ireland and all that.

But if you’ve ever seen any of the British military-type parades on the telly you’ll know that they are all flag-waving, almost triumphalist, displays of pomp and ceremony. Well, there was no confusing our parade today with that. I’m not saying that ours was any better because it wasn’t. Nor any worse. Just that it was clearly an Irish event[2] It was quite fun. Especially the triúr buachaillé who turned up halfway through and ended up near me. Is dóigh liom they were all brothers, and all under ten. They were delighra to see the guns, tanks and “Bazookas! Look at de bazookas” They were also very impressed with the airplanes and helicopters that flew over.

But they were grinning from ear to ear when a few of the soldiers accompanying tanks shook their hands and others gave them high fives.

So whatever else it may have been, the parade was very much a success from a PR point of view. And it was nice to see ordinary soldiers on parade. The only other time we’d really see them is the marching bands on Patrick’s day, and usually people are more interested in the floats and sweets being thrown from other participants.

RTé have a special section on their website devoted to their archives from the Cuimhneachán 1916. That’d be their coverage of the 1966 Golden Jubilee events. The site does seem to be undergoing some work though. I was on it yesterday and some links weren’t working. They’ve been taken down today and its slightly reorganised.

Agus ná rinne dearmad ar LunaNina.
Dúirt sí:

  1. Ambition ::
  2. Meatloaf ::
  3. Celebrity ::
  4. Coach ::
  5. Slacker ::
  6. Reflection ::
  7. Original ::
  8. Risk ::
  9. Saved ::
  10. June ::

So I say:

  1. Ambition :: Desire
  2. Meatloaf :: Bat Out Of Hell
  3. Celebrity :: get me out of here. z-list
  4. Coach :: Carter
  5. Slacker ::
  6. Reflection :: mirror
  7. Original :: flavour
  8. Risk :: life
  9. Saved :: DJ
  10. June :: Bug


  1. I’ll stick a few photos up on flickr as soon as the batteries are charged
  2. yeah, the use of Irish and the flags would help you figure that out, but even they hadn’t’ve been there you’d have still known

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