She’s dead or possibly dying and the rescue crew thinks they can save this baby. When they take the baby out, it goes “mama” and someone has shoved a plastic doll in her uterus and the fetus is missing

16 April 2006


Edit: cause I can’t be bothered to write a whole new post Over the weekend I caught half an episode of Charmed, but then again it seems to be trying to compete with The Simpsons, what with its being on almost every station. But this was new Charmed. Now, normally I wouldn’t blog about Charmed. It is bubble-gum tv. Not even worth remembering. But, but, Billy Zane, was in it. Now I know he hadn’t been in any big/middling films for a while. But, come on, surely he can do better than Charmed. But[1] Cole was also in it. Cole is the only reason for watching Charmed. We luvs Cole[2] and his being the Source of all Ebil. And it even seemed to hint that he may be back again. Is this right? What about Nip/Tuck. I was actually about to flick over when I saw it was charmed on the telly, but then I spotted the names in the credits, and seeing Julian McMahon though, ooh, middling season Charmed. I can watch this. And then Billy Zane, and I was intrigued. When I found out it was a new ep I was a little meh, as I figured that it’d be Cole-flashbacks. Which’d be no fun. But no. Real Cole. All be it non-corporeal, not really there, dead, cursed Cole. But still. Not sure if it is enough to make me try and tune in again though.

sigh. sigh. and sigh again.

I’ve just finished watching all my stolen[3] episodes of The Inside .

Why, pray tell, do all the good shows die young? 13 episodes is all we got. First Firefly, now The Inside. Okay, not now, because it was last year when it got the axe, but my point is still valid.

Then again, if Firefly hadn’t’ve been cancelled we wouldn’t’ve had The Inside now would we?

Anyways, The Inside, a show unafraid of the pain and the dark, the scary places where people are really really fucked up. But also a show that has actual humour, and great dialogue. It even postponed my Veronica Mars watching. But I’m all caught up now. At least that hasn’t been cancelled yet.

And I know, The Inside was another police procedural thingy. But despite its parallels with Profiler[4] this was a really great show. I mean, where else are you going to come across a show that isn’t afraid to have complicated characters who aren’t all that interested in helping everyone out? Plus it has loads of little shout outs to Tim’s other shows. I especially liked the scene where Paul tells Danny(Adam Baldwin, ie Jayne from Serenity) that he went to see a movie. A western in space to be specific :lol:

Oh yeah, and Happy Easter everyone.


  1. yes there are many buts in this post. But I just can’t help it
  2. actually this links in with the rest of the post, cause Julian as in Profiler, which was cops after serial killers, but not half as good as the Inside. Who’d ever have believed he had this career ahead of him when he played Ben in Home and Away?
  3. yes indeedy. By downloading a show that is unavailable to me any other way as there is no dvd release i am helping to fund terrorism. And no doubt keeping Osama Bin Laden in tea and ice-cream. How, I’ve no idea. But everything that is *wrong* helps those darn terrorist-types
  4. anyone else remember that? I can’t say that I enjoyed it, but I did watch it

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4 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Julian McMahon special, today, then… He was in Profiler too, remember?
    Oh yes, the footnotes tell me you did.
    Oh well. One comment for nothing.

  2. Fence says:

    Two comments for nothing now Anne :)

  3. Carl V. says:

    I have little faith in television anymore just because of your points. So many great, quirky, unique shows get the axe and crap goes on for season after season.

  4. NineMoons) says:

    My GOD, it was him then! I thought I was seeing things! And I didn't have a chance to check it cos the inthernet went down – and I hate the new Mac at home so I couldn't have used it anyway! But ye gods, that is a read come-down. Maybe he's mates with one of them or summat. And Cole – ah, Cole!