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Irish by birth, Munster by the grace of god

This post may mention rugby, but do not worry, there is no real sport being mentioned. We’ll leave that till […]

Young ladies; married ladies; old maids; thoughtless young persons of both sexes; gamblers, profligates and libertines; servants who, whether by accident or design, have acquired an education beyond their station: these are the idle creatures who may be found at any hour of the night or day with a novel in their hands

Heather has a book meme that I’m stealing; Connect any six books in your library to each other by any […]

I upped with my fist and I shattered his jaw. He fell to the ground with his knees doubled up But it wasn’t I hit him, ’twas Johhny Jump Up.

So the Irish Medical Organisation[1] want the government to increase the price of certain alcoholic drinks. Spirits, to be precise. […]

Powder and Patch

Prviously published as The Transformation of Philip Jettan: A Comedy of Manners ISBN: 434328014 c.1923 If you searched among the […]

If Cruise and Katie Holmes wed, each of his wives will have been eleven years younger than the last.

Another lesson in the importance of proofreading[1] And once again this lesson is courtesy of the free newspapers available on […]

She’s dead or possibly dying and the rescue crew thinks they can save this baby. When they take the baby out, it goes “mama” and someone has shoved a plastic doll in her uterus and the fetus is missing

Edit: cause I can’t be bothered to write a whole new post Over the weekend I caught half an episode […]

We on our part must realize that force may not bring unity. That the reverse in fact can be true. Force can create resistance and what we are trying to bring about is unity.

Inniú I went down to take a look at the military parade we had in Dublin to mark the 90th […]

On Another Man’s Wound

ISBN: 094796231x c1936 This book is an attempt to show the background of the struggle from 1916 to 1921 between […]


This is a film that perfectly fits that horrible description; a quirkie independent film. But never annoyingly quirky, so don’t […]

God loves you just the way you are. But He loves you too much to let you stay that way.

So there I was watching Grumpy Old Men last night, thinking that they aren’t funny anymore. Maybe I should explain […]

The Dark [based on book]

With atmospheric camera work over waves the opening credits of this film make way for Adele and her daughter Sarah […]

And if you can exhume them

This probably won’t be funny to anyone but Irish people, but those lads over at Langerland have surpassed themselves with […]