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15 April 2006

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This is a film that perfectly fits that horrible description; a quirkie independent film. But never annoyingly quirky, so don’t worry about that.

For the majority of the time the film is told through Madeleine’s eyes. She is an art dealer, who meets George, falls in love and marries him. Six months later while in North Carolina trying to close a deal with a prime example of “outside” art they visit George’s family. Peg and Eugene, the parents. Johnny the brother and his very pregnant wife Ashley.

The film seems to be about Madeleine and George, but George isn’t actually in it all that much. And when he is, he says very little. One the one hand he seems to have rejected his family. It was Madeleine’s decision to see his family, he doesn’t really engage with them when there, and he is very thankful when leaving. But at the same time he obviously fits in so easily. This tight-knit, religous community is very much home to him. A home that Madeleine doesn’t really get. With her “Chicago” ways :)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBut I didn’t really like either of these characters. We never got to know George, and Madeleine while nice, always seemed a little false with her “darlings” and her kisses. But Johnny and Ashley are the heart of this film. Johnny who seems in constant anger at everything around him is shown to have a sweeter side, and Ashley is just adorable as the chatterbox with a good heart. She really steals the show.

Its quite a slow, quiet film for much of the time. We get flashes of total silence as we look at the countryside for example. And very little happens.

But it is also a very funny film. Touching, and, another horrible description, heart-warming. Very enjoyable.

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2 Responses

  1. Carl V. says:

    I thought this looked interesting when I saw the trailer and am glad that you enjoyed it. Don't know if I'll see it in the theatre but I definitely want to see if eventually.

  2. Fence says:

    It isn't dependent on a big screen, so catching on dvd will be just as good as in the cinema.