I upped with my fist and I shattered his jaw. He fell to the ground with his knees doubled up But it wasn’t I hit him, ’twas Johhny Jump Up.

So the Irish Medical Organisation[1] want the government to increase the price of certain alcoholic drinks. Spirits, to be precise. This would, in their considered opinion would help to prevent the drink problem plaguing the streets of Ireland.

Now, while I’ll admit that there is a problem with drinking to excess in Ireland I hardly think that the government can be to blame, or are responsible. Ever hear of individual responsibility. You drink too much you get drunk. You drink even more and your liver gives up and you die[2] Who doesn’t know this?

You get drunk you do stupid things.

You drink when pregnant and you are harming your unborn baby.

People know these things. That they choose to be fucking stupid is their own look-out. Hard-hearted, maybe, but I want to be able to be stupid if I want.

You wanna stop drunken fighting on the streets, you enforce existing laws about drunken behaviour. Course that means more gardaí­, and it’ll cost.

Personally I think that the docs suggesting increasing the price just so people won’t be able to afford drink is irresponsible. Surely it’s just encouraging a culture where anyone else is to blame. Where it wasn’t my fault, the drink was just too cheap. Yeah, right. Its that whole medical god complex. They know best and we should all do as they say.

And as if putting the price up will make any difference. People who go out and get plastered aren’t going to stop just because vodka is more expensive. They’ll go for cider. Or beer. Or drugs. Or, they’ll just spend more of their income on drink.

Pointless rant now over :)


  1. at least I think thats what the IMO stands for
  2. Am I making things too simple?

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