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5 April 2006

EDIT: It appears that news of Ben &Jerry’s new Black & Tan product has hit the radio. Yup, what did I hear about as I listened to the Ian Dempsey show this morning, but this new flavour. And supposedly Ben & Jerry’s have issued a statement saying they were unaware of the irish context, and do not wish to be associated with murderers. Although yer man who does the sports, whatshisface Collins did suggest that they launch the product in Kilkenny and rename it the Black & Amber[1]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usOver at Crooked Timber they are wondering how this product would be marketed in Ireland?

Is chocolate-stout really a good flavour for ice-cream?

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14 Responses

  1. anne says:

    I want ice-cream now!

  2. Fence says:

    Lobster or Cabbage flavour?

  3. plurabella says:

    Beetroot Flavour, Bacon & Cabbage flavour, Irish Stew flavour, Tayto flavour…..

  4. Fence says:

    Cheers Plurabella, thats enough to put me off ice-cream for life :)

  5. Carl V. says:

    Hmmmmm….I love a good Black and Tan. And I love ice cream. But a combo?

  6. NineMoons says:

    That's just WRONG. The name, the flavour, the em… WRONG! My hand to God, I will never eat a Black and Tan.

  7. Fence says:

    NM, I must be watching too much Podge & Rodge cause that's just naughty!

    Carl, over here the Black & Tans were an irregular army-police force, famous for their not-so-nice tactics during the 1920's.
    It doesn't refer to stout. At least, not that I know of.

  8. Kelly says:

    I'm so lost. What's black and tan in Ireland?

  9. Kelly says:

    Oh, I asked my question right when you were posting the answer! ha!

  10. Mal says:

    Will the next in the range be SAS trifle? RAF jelly? MI5 custard? I'd be a desserter for those any day.

  11. NineMoons says:

    Malimar, stick the URI of your website onto Fence's site when you comment. And HA! Desserters.

    I think I'm getting a cold. That's what comes of being shut up in a sealed room with a dozen lawyers, breathing recycled air for several hours a day. Sigh.

  12. Fence says:

    Well at least you got an explanation some time Kells :)

    Mal, :shakes head: desserters! thats just wrong.

    NM bring your own 02 supply, problem solved.

  13. Carl V. says:

    Thanks for the educational info Fence. Now I can say that I not only wouldn't want ice cream that tastes like an American Black and Tan (half Guinness, half Bass ale) but I also wouldn't want ice cream that tastes like an irregular army-police force from the 1920's. Maybe from the 1940's, but one has to draw the line somewhere.

  14. Fence says:

    You're dead right Carl. There has to be line, and I say we draw it weird ice-cream flavours.