Silent Hill

The phrase, based on a computer game don’t really inspire much confidence do they? And I’ve never played Silent Hill, but, you know, a creepy film. Sean Bean. Its free. I figured I’ll give it a go, despite the many bad write ups. And I’m glad I did, because while it was far from perfect […]

She thinks I’m the renaissance. I had to go along with all this reclusive genius crap. She going to be very upset when she finds out I’m just a reclusive wanker.

There are many little things running around my head. Like Black Books.[1] My dislike of labeling.[2] The sunny weather. The fact that I was stoopid enough to record the brand new Sharpe programme on ITV over the weekend, but then forgot about the second part. How Veronica Mars is all exciting. How Bones although light […]

American Dreamz

The things you’ll do for family. Yes, I took my little sister and my cousin to see this horrible excuse for a film while I was in Sligo this weekend. It was truly terrible. The basic plot isn’t all that awful. There is a reality show with an unpleasant English host. There is an American […]

Aint no flies on us

What does one wear to a baptism? Cause that is where I am now[1] at B#1‘s kid’s christening[2] and not only are clothes an issue, but also gifts. What does one buy a 3 month old baby? Not like he’s going to remember is he? And seeing as I’m to be godmother there’ll be plenty […]