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28 March 2006

I listening to an radió[1] and one of those anti-drink driving ads. Now radio adverts have a problem in that they can’t show the horrific scenes that work so well in making people sensible.

So instead they have this fella giving a funeral oration. Telling everyone what a great lad yer man who died was. Only then he stops. And begins to rant about how everyone knew he was too drunk to drive. That they tried taking his keys away but couldn’t. And if he wanted to kill himself fine but he murdered the girlfriend too. And then we get the voice-over[2] with I think Ray Darcy saying “Don’t be a fucking eejit, don’t drink and drive”

And you know what I think they should use this example in other “public service announcements”

Instead of “Please don’t make your own sound effects” requests in the cinema we should have “Shut up, you shower of shits, or we’ll kick you out and if you even consider using your mobile you’re an ignorant moran.”

To illustrate my point I’m going to take a photo of some graffiti in my apt building. And maybe post it tomorrow, maybe the next day.[3]


  1. you don’t need a translation there sure you don’t?
  2. which I always thinks lessens the impact of the tv ads
  3. – unless I forget all about this post

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