Oops I did it again

13 March 2006

Nuair a scrí­obh mé the post about Seachtain na gaeilge, I used the abbr tag so the non-irish could translate,ach rinne mé dearmad that Internet Explorer doesn’t display that tag correctly. So you all didn’t get a translation. Anyways, I’ve since edited that post, and am using the span tag instead, so nuair a feicidh tú a couple of words in glas, then place your mouse over them and you should get a translation. If it doesn’t work, let me know, and I’ll use the footnotes instead.

Right, new business. Remember the blog awards? Well, by all accounts[1] they were a great success, the list of winners can be seen here, and no, I’m not there[2] All the reports indicate that a good night was had by all, so if they are on again next year I’ll probably head along. Congrats to all the winners/nominees/participants and especially to the organizer, Damien Mulley

Now the most important aspect of the weekend was, of course, the rugby. Agus, bhuaidaidh na fhrancach against England. This is good, in that it is hard not to feel sásta when England lose, especially when they are utterly destroyed. Ach bhí dóchas orm that it’d be a draw, because then Ireland would’ve been top of the table. As it stands now France and Ireland are equal on points, but because France have scored more in their matches they are on top. So unless we beat England by a huge amount of points we really need Wales to win next Saturday.

And, finally, before I forget, it is week 162 and Luna Nina says:

  1. Displacement::
  2. Grease monkey::
  3. Vacancy::
  4. Conquer::
  5. Payroll::
  6. Personal::
  7. Housewife::
  8. Lateral::
  9. Tissue::
  10. Multiplication::

    And I say

  1. Displacement:: water
  2. Grease monkey:: Kaylee
  3. Vacancy:: Cheap motel
  4. Conquer:: Divide and / Rome… which leads to Chicken and Lamb
  5. Payroll:: Seconds last Thurs of the month
  6. Personal:: in political
  7. Housewife:: bean an tí
  8. Lateral:: thinking / outside the box
  9. Tissue:: sneeze
  10. Multiplication:: tables


  1. pictures
  2. We was robbed!

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