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31 March 2006

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ISBN: 1841492531
The First Parrish Plessis Book

If Jamon Mondo touched me one more time I’d kill him.

I almost wish I hadn’t finish this book. I was on the verge of tossing it around two thirds in, but figured I’d read this far might as well see how it ends. But the final third is actually quite good. Not sure if it is enough to make up for the first part, But now I am a little curious about the next books in the series.

When we first meet Parrish she is low on the pecking order, a bodyguard-come-unwilling companion to a local gang leader. And in this is a dystopian Australia of the future if you go against the gang leaders without backup you end up dead. And most likely after a spell of torture.

So when Parrish runs into Dark and Sto she thinks that maybe by using them she can get in with the Cabal, and maybe get away from Jamon. But things are not what they seem, and Parrish soon finds herself in deeper than she could ever have believed.

The basic story itself is vaguely interesting. But the writing isn’t. First person narration often results in supporting characters lacking depth and, well character, but in this book Parrish herself isn’t all that interesting or believable. A fairly typical wise-cracking, but scared underneath it all heroine. There is also a fair amount of future slang that seems clunky and forced.

But, over halfway through and the book seems to shift a gear. Almost as though everything in this book is simply setting the scene. Letting the reader get to know the Tert and Viva. Letting us see how things worked, and then suddenly introducing another plot element that really doesn’t seem to fit with everything that has gone before.

From then on it is readable, and even enjoyable. The question is, is this what the other books or like? Or will they return to the dull story-telling-by-numbers of the previous chapters.

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