A man of immense grace, dignity. And a wicked humour too.

John McGahern died yesterday. For those who haven’t heard of him, he was an Irish author. Born in Leitrim, he became a teacher. After the publication of his book The Dark he was forced to leave teaching, as the Board of Management didn’t want the author of a banned book teaching.

The book he is probably most famous for is Amongst Women, which was made into a TV series in the late 90’s. As well as several novels, McGahern also wrote short stories and plays. Last year he published Memoir, which, as you may have guessed was his memoirs.

Its strange, I’ve never actually read any of McGahern’s work. I always meant to, and we’ve always had his books around the house at home, but somehow I never got around to it[1] but at the same time McGahern has been such a famous author that I feel I have read his works.


  1. not even when I was supposed to study one at college

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