Nylon Angel

If Jamon Mondo touched me one more time I’d kill him.

I almost wish I hadn’t finish this book. I was on the verge of tossing it around two thirds in, but figured I’d read this far might as well see how it ends. But the final third is actually quite good. Not sure if it is enough to make up for the first part, But now I am a little curious about the next books in the series.

If you search for insulting words or browse through our collection of insulting words, you may be insulted

When I was at college, suffering through a year of shite in order to become a librarian, we were introduced[1] to the world of classification, and language, keywords and descriptors. And how when you describe something you have to be accurate and careful in the language you use. You have to think about how other […]

techno techno techno techno

I listening to an radió[1] and one of those anti-drink driving ads. Now radio adverts have a problem in that they can’t show the horrific scenes that work so well in making people sensible. So instead they have this fella giving a funeral oration. Telling everyone what a great lad yer man who died was. […]

The world became a kind of puzzle or labyrinth. It was like the superstition which says that one must not walk upon lines between flag stones

Sometimes I make myself laugh at my own idiot behaviour. There I was reading a blog that stated “due to being bombarded with spam we’ve disabled comments” and I thought to myself “I should leave them a comment saying that I’ve heard nothing but good things about Spam Karma 2[1] And, in more sensible news, […]

I can’t drink this coffee

Okay so, I think I’ve gotten rid of Akismet. I hope so. And I’ve installed Spam Karma 2 instead. I did have this before, but an upgrade messed it up. But after messing about in sql, which I know nothing about, it now seems, seems to be working. So leave comments testing and we’ll see […]