When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.

28 February 2006

Last post, from me, on the riots.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI am not embarrassed by them. I am not shamed by them.
I did not take part. I did not toss bottles of urine at gardaí. I did not taunt gardaí. I did not loot shoe shops. I did not burn cars. I will never cheer on the IRA, be they Real, Provisional or “I can’t believe its not the buttery goodness that is the IRA”

I will never take anyone seriously who uses spin to try and condone such acts

Instead I’m content to be angry at those rioters. The majority of whom were nothing but bored kids acting out. But don’t think that this was unorganised disenfranchised youth acting on their own. What about the organisers telling the riots where to go. Instructing people to leave O’Connell St and head for Leinster House?

(Sub’s req’d)
The rioters engage in a stand- off with gardaí in Temple Bar. One puts his finger to his head as though it’s a gun and shouts

“Bang bang, Jerry McCabe, bang bang, Jerry McCabe”.

Also, in the campaign that the every day items have launched against me; today I scraped my knuckles on the rhyco book covers. Never fear. I shall keep you all up to date with this catalogue of minor annoyances.

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53 Responses

  1. NineMoons says:

    OK, I'm starting a petition to have a special new section of the site in which this argument can continue without it ever being visible to anyone else. Or just invisible to me. Whichever.

    Please? I'll even eat that one bit o' cauliflower if you do…

  2. " Sharon

    “-”The Irish people” ? As in ALL of the voters ? In ‘both’ jurisdictions , a sizeable section of the electorate either did not vote at all or voted ‘No’ – over 49 per cent in this State and over 47 per cent in the Six County State .
    What was that about “the Irish people” ?”

    Lovely view of democracy right there. No wonder RSF do so badly in the polls!

    I’ll leave you to your red herrings, Sharon. "

    -Hi 'UI' !

    On the contrary : to refer to 'the Irish people' whilst purposely ignoring the above-mentioned per-centage of them exposes your our narrow view of democracy . 'Red herring' or 'elephant in the corner' ? :-)

    Sharon .

  3. peggy says:

    I am an american- irish and have never been to ireland, though I long to. at least this riot was about something. in america we riot when we win a stupid ball game!!!!!!!! and heaven knows we do it right, over turned cars, fires, ruined shops, full on riot police and rubber bullets. over a stupid ball game.