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22 February 2006

Seems like every time you turn around there is a new debate spawning across the Irish blogosphere. The latest one comes after a poll published in the Irish[1] Examiner which states that 51% of Irish people are in favour of gay partnerships being recognised legally. And 50 of Irish people think that gay couples should be allowed to adopt.

Gay rights campaigners welcomed the poll’s results. Eoin Collins, director of policy change at the Gay & Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN), said: “When you consider where we have come from where you could be imprisoned for life for being gay this is definitely progress. People are changing.”

United Irelander has a post, and asks a few questions, although I’d have to question his description of homosexuality as not natural.

But the post that really caught my attention was From Cork To Toronto where Eamonn Dunphy’s podcast[2] with John Waters is discussed. Now I’m not a dentist… wrong disclaimer. Sorry, I haven’t listened to it, but i’m not a John Waters fan. He does have some valid points to make about the rights, or lack there of, that fathers have in the Irish legal system. But far too often he tries to make a point by bashing the other side, and attempting to reduce the rights of “the opposing sides.” Interesting then to hear that he described the poll results as “gobshite liberalism”, “madness” and “fundamentally ignorant”, because surely, from a conservative standpoint the woman is the natural care-giver in a relationship and the mother should be the one with primary care of the children? It also points out the fact that he brings everything, even irrelevancies, back to his pet issues.

Mental Meanderings on the poll.

Much more aw-worthy was the news down the side of the Examiner website; Heath Ledger has asked Jake Gyllenhaal to be godfather to his daughter. Isn’t that cute? I suppose we’ll forgive Mr. Ledger the excuse of a film[3] that is Casanova

*we do of course apologise for the use of S Club 7 songs, but it seemed vaguely appropriate.


  1. who are they fooling? We know it is still only for Cork People
  2. modern technology eh?
  3. My review

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